3G iPhone with 16GB set to drop on November 12th

CommodusApple may launch its iPhone campaign in Europe with a 3G-capable iPhone with enhanced storage, according to what appears to be a leaked ad from T-Mobile Germany. The ad promises HSDPA Internet access (up to 3.6Mbps!) and 16GB of flash. Hope you didn’t buy that $399 iPhone assuming it wouldn’t get better![…] Thanks to Commodus for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

MakJak: yes, this is an Interesting news for all mobile phone users who like to buy best 3G mobile phones. i found some other 3g mobile phones at http://www.3mobilephonedeal.co.uk

CarzorStelatis: The good news is that the EU Competition Authority will probably force Apple to release an unlocked version. So as long as you don’t mind paying shipping fees, import taxes etc. Americans should be able to get one too.

jun8119: 16GB flash. Must be because the new high capacity 16GB flash cards are coming out next month. 32GB flash cards are to be released in January. Gee I wonder if a 32GB iphone will be out before Q2 next year. Why couldn’t they just make the iPhone flash card slot? Well I’m not buying because its not compatible with Orb. HTC Anyone?

amoeba: this one needs an ‘obvious’ tag.
Apple’s marketing strategy:
1) Make product
2) Release product (to early adopters)
3) Release updated version (to pull in more customers and get the early adopters to upgrade)
4) Profit!
5) return to step 3

jabberwolf: And the rumors start to help the sad Apple stock rise again !!

boristheflorist: I read an interview with the head of vodafone just today saying they didn’t negotiate for the iphone contract here in England because there was no 3g compatibility. If Apple isn’t telling their potential carriers I very much doubt an advert that calls an iPhone an iPod is correct.

PradaPete: ywah this ad looks just about ugly and crappy enough to be a genuine t-mobile ad. I buy it.

pixelmatrix: I am not going to fall for this—it seems unlikely that Apple would do that so soon after they just dropped the price and pissed everyone off.

DaleoftheUK: I really wouldn’t be surprised to see the European version being 3G. And with the new 16gb iPod touch and the lower iPhone model been dropped, not odd to see a 16gb version. For a phone 16gb is good, if I was still buying a touch (ipod only kind of device) then I’d want more storage.

MrColdheart: 70euros for 400 min… wow thats retarded (around 85$ u.s.)
I think id pay less if i was roaming in another country with my american service.
they seem to get all these cooler gadgets but then the pricing is outragous.

rowlodge: if they cant tell the difference between an ipod and iphone they dont understand what gig means either it may be a massive translation mistake.

xtlosx: am i the only one who doesn’t give a shit about iphones? Who cares….

beggersfunk: i hope it comes to Japan. Damn it can’t wait.

chrisrad: 3G? bring it to australia and i’m there.

rdas7: 3G is one thing. MMS support and a camera for video calling is another.
Oh, and while we’re there, can we have support for using this device as a wireless modem please?


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