Growl 1.1 Released!

cohman2001They skipped a few releases, but there’s a whole slew of new features to enjoy including: a global positioning system, close buttons available on notifications, and a totally redesigned applications tab.[…] Thanks to cohman2001 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

thetinguy: Is there an Azureus plugin?

vagarach: The best thing is that adium comes with growl, I would never have known about this brilliant software otherwise!

wontstoptalking: I’m still on windows…

LordPengwin: A network compatible Java implementation can be found here. It provides an API to send growl messages as well as a simple utility to receive and display them. I don’t know if it’s compatible with the new version but works fine with the previous one.

cbartlett: Growl + autotest + rpsec for Rails development = simple awesome. Thank you Growl developers!

Kevin108: Nobody knows what Growl is, so some additional subject info would have been nice.

Jalexster: Either I’ve gone blind, or logging support has been removed. Why has logging support been removed? I can’t find it anywhere. Growl is practically dead to me now.

biocandy: Growl is brilliant!…

Why is the Music Video notification so slow in this update? It’s not running as smooth as previously either. I hope there’s a little bugfix out soon.

festivalman: I’m loving Growl 1.1, but I can’t seem to get Mail to work with it. I’ve installed everything, and even ran that defaults command I found on the google groups, but it’s still not coming up under mail/prefs. I’m seeing no direct answers on the growl cocoaforge forums either. Anyone have any ideas?

joecritch: Close buttons! Finally.

SpoBo: it killed growl for me :s The icon is still there in the preff pane but when I click on it it just keeps loading :s That sucks balls! GrawlHelperApp is running though … need some help 😀

ciphex: awesome. growl is an excellect piece of software.

MCDupree: Do you have to uninstall your previous version before updating?

thesportoflife: get rid of the .info domain. growl isnt a cheap viagra site. good job on the new version tho!

eliasg: Awesome, one of my favorites and a definite must-have for all Mac users.


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