Hands On iPod Touch Video Review

ilkeryoldasFrom Japan[…] Thanks to ilkeryoldas for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

arcticblue: I actually watched this when it was live. It aired pretty much right after the new iPod was announced. My wife woke me up to watch it with her and now she wants one probably more than I do.

ilkeryoldas: can anyone translate what they are saying?

kris33: Gotta love Japanese TV. So much unnecessary text on the screen, but they somehow manage to make stuff you have already seen new and exciting by adding music and sounding excited.

This is a better example of what I’m talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9He5MdxLEU

lebsoljah: Bunch of idiots

Millions are ready to pay ridiculous prices for worthless technology

God bless Americrap

twrife: 1. Move to China.
2. Pay someone that is making .05 $ a day to smuggle one to you for 10$.
3. Come back to the USA.
4. Profit!!!

K3ITHK: It is a good thing this is in the video section.

corporalclegg24: Their set is soo decorated its unbelievable.

barnis: I live in Japan and I cant stand the way they still insist on using cardboard posters with peel-offs to show any text or charts…not to mention the Barbarella studio

battletops: Videos like this (with text and graphics flying everywhere) make Apple’s marketing department cringe.

PhireN: How on earth did the Japanese get the ipod touch first? Not that I have anything against them, its just I expected it to pop up in the US first.


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