iTunes 7.4.1 already released — free ringtone workaround is NOT ok

zaibatsuJust thought we’d let the droves of paranoid upgraders know in on a small bit of good bad news. Yes, Apple did already release a new version of iTunes tonight, 7.4.1, and we tested to see if said update “fixes” the ringtone-renaming hack (if you really want to call it a hack) that lets users supply their own ringtones , well it’s over![…] Thanks to zaibatsu for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

sonobol: Hm… This not reality… I can’t use this…. Sorry!

sambam: no workaround?

zdiggler: I don’t even get why people have MP3 ringtones. Only time I use ringer is when the phone is away from me. most of the time its on me and it keep it on vibrates. I don’t want to bother other people around me with my music or a phone ring.

Those personal Ringtons are as bad as visting a MySpace Page with auto music play.

ffabri: Apple just care about our money now and are screwing up with their customers… whats going on steve?

sandiegoliving: Apple is more of a monopoly every day. They want us locked in to their propietary system. Who is suprised by this?

regeya: That really sucks for people who want custom ringtones on their iPhones. As a user of a contracturally freebie low-end Nokia (battery charge lasts for WEEKS) and as someone who rarely starts up iTunes (MPD and Theremin, thank you, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC work great with MPD) the constant anti-hackery updates to iTunes affect me zippo.

Folks, just say no to vendor lock-in.

BrianGFargo: Buried ’cause I can’t stand people’s damn ringtones. I wouldn’t use iTunes to make audio anyways.
But thanks for trying to stop me, it’s cute.

evereddie: I think ring-tones should cost around $50. Then maybe no one would have to worry about this annoying crap. Really. I think that would be a fair price. After all, when your phone rings, and your are in a place with dozens and dozens of people, and they all get to hear your ring-tone (which is a song) for free, that is just not fair to the record company and artist. Why shouldn’t someone pay for all of the people who enjoyed the free song. Think about it.

davesawyer: Why do folks keep updating iTunes if they know it’s going to break their ringtones? Can you not sync your iPhone with 7.4.0?
More importantly, do people really use ringtones anymore?

JeffS: Thank goodness I don’t have to resort to all these hacks to use my Windows Mobile phone. It just works.


misterdiggles: and stuff

digitallysick: I will pass on this method anyway, i prefer to ssh into the phone and use cyberduck to transfer my mp3z into the ringtones folder. I would think someone could create a program just for rintones, to keep on your desktop that would just ssh into the phone and drop the ringtones, maybe a script, or something.

Bottom line it shouldn’t be this hard, its your phone, but its apples business model to make more money. Its really not like them to do this type of thing (seems more like something at&t would do to the customers). They must get a cut of the profits from it

there: digg down


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