iTunes Movie Rentals Coming Soon?

SATURNI was trying to report a problem via iTunes, and this pop-up for selecting a reason contains some interesting strings… looks like someone slipped up and that “RentalMovie”s might be coming to the iTunes store in the near future.[…] Thanks to SATURN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

JoeLeo: You used to be able to see Report a Problem when you view your purchase history in the iTunes Store.
Now, when you click on Report a Problem the Web page that’s returned is the same page sans the Report a Problem button.
Someone got called into work in a hurry, this weekend.

mesomorphicman: how do you get to the REPORT A PROBLEM screen on itunes i couldn’t find it!??!

PDave: 720p please! I could actually use my apple TV for something other than watching Diggnations.

Zbrah: I haven’t bought a tv show or movie on iTunes in forever…but I would seriously rent stuff all the time on iTunes.So fucking convenient!

iName: I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for years and I’d love it if there was a way for Apple to partner with Netflix for delivery of content.

andycr512: This sounds beyond retarded.

1. It requires DRM to work.
2. How does one conceptually rent bits?! Once you have them, you have them – they are not physical, material things; they are simply a set of 1’s and 0’s on a disk.

iDMG: You can do that on XBL marketplace, so not a new concept. I’d like to see what it’d be like, though.

ZPWeeks: Bad idea. At least in the US.
Consider this: Apple starts renting new releases out for $2.99 ( ) as opposed to the new release price of $14.99 or the back-catalog price of $9.99.
Regardless of the term of your download (permanent or temporary), that movie still takes up 1GB or more. While some of us prefer to own our movies and will pay more to do so, the rental market is still strong because of its lower initial costs (think Netflix). There will be a much higher demand for these huge files at such a low price, meaning that there will be a lot more people “clogging the tubes” (apologies to Ted Stevens) on our already archaic internet structure. $10 / $15 for buying movies, while higher than I would like to pay for DRMed files, doesn’t offer a huge hand up over the already ubiquitous DVD market, which can transfer large quantities of data pretty efficiently.

Rentals would work great if we had the infrastructure to support it. Right now in the US, it’s hard enough just to stream a crappy-quality video off of YouTube, but iTunes Store files are about 1500kbps! The artificially high price of permanent downloads keeps the infrastructure fairly stable, but if it were to go mainstream… I don’t even want to imagine.

readme: I’d drop Netflix for a cheaper AppleTV and $2 rentals on iTunes.

jeek123: :S
How do online (non-disc) rentals work?

Like, couldn’t that pose as a security problem? People would just strip off the DRM and voila, bootlegged movies.

Unless I see some proof, I ain’t buyin this.

peestandingup: God, its about time! I would seriously ditch my cable if iTunes had a monthly plan for all you could rent for cheap. I dont wanna own/download/store every single piece of video I may happen to wanna watch. Music yes. Video no.

Im tired of waiting for Netflix streaming to come to the Mac.

johnpaul191: i wonder how Apple would work that out? you know they would insist the video can be played on an iPod/iPhone. it seems like there would be a lot of work to make the DRM as generally friendly as iTMS currently is (which the public is mostly ok with).

OdinEye: I’d love to see rentals, particularly in association with Netflix allowing something like iTunes access to the online streaming video included in my current agreement, but which I can only access through a PC. Perhaps with direct streaming access through that venue, but with an additional rental fee option (no more than $2.00, and preferably less) for a higher quality, time limited download.
This would definitely put additional value to the video capabilities for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as for the AppleTV.

LeonardNimrod: Apple has been trying tog et movie rental contrats solidifiied for a couple years now. The problem is with the distributors. Apple wants you to be able to watch your rented movie on your Mac/PC via iTunes, AppleTV or iPod with video capabilities.

This makes securing a DRM scheme for rental purchases very difficult to accomplish. I don’t think Apple has demonstrated that they can protect the studio’s media well enough.

Though one can keep hoping…

DaviDaviDaviD: Nice find! I would like the idea of renting a movie, just for trips out when you don’t want to blow £10-15 on a movie that you don’t want long-term! Once again, good find.


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