AppleTV, Did Apple Forget This Existed?

idisappointmentThe last time I can remember being really excited about an Apple launch was when AppleTV was introduced. It represented a change, a possibility, and perhaps even a vision of future that I had started to believe might be slowing exiting from Apple’s headquarters on Infinite Loop.[…] Thanks to idisappointment for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

TnTBass: For me, I’d love to see it support lots of different codecs and media types. Right now, my hacked XBOX works way better for me than the Apple TV cause I can play anything in my massive media collection.

I could see it improve with a few updates though, and if it does, it’ll be a great product. Right now, it’s just yet another media player.

papamac: 1 word. DVR.

geekee: Anyone who thinks an optimal model for movies and tv is to buy them on your computer and stream them to your tv with an expensive piece of hardware needs their head examined. How many shows are people even going to watch more than 1 time? Why should I need to go to my computer to download them instead of ordering right on the tv screen? What we really need is a pay-per-view model that works right on your tv, and allows rental or purchase.

Henwood: What was exciting about it, XBOX 360 does the same for less + plays games.

postalblowfish7: anything that REQUIRES an HDTV is going to be dead in the water. most people can’t afford them, end of story.

scooter72: Forget AppleTv… All you need are the new $50 Apple component cables

macslut: I hate to suggest this, but a deal with another satan could really help the Apple TV get traction…yes, I’m talking about Comcast. Integrate Comcast’s on-demand features and allow the Apple TV to act as a DVR. Also allow the Apple TV to include the cable modem and an optical drive. Further increase the size to allow for a 3.5″ hard drive, give it ports to work on any TV. Include an iPod dock.

Allow it to be controlled with an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Wander: I have about 6 Xboxs all over the house running XBMC. But on my main TV I have an AppleTV. Why, because the Xbox is old, it can’t play 720p video. Of course, I hacked my AppleTV. I can play anything I care about, including Divx, Xvid, h.264, and movies still in .iso format. I can watch a lot of great video pod casts, and can mount my windows and mac drives, so I don’t have to copy anything to the puny 40 GB hard drive.

It has a remote with two buttons. It is the easiest interface you will ever see. I for one, could care less if Apple discontinues it, or comes out with a better version, for now I am extremely happy with it.

searchbuffet: The AppleTV is totally useless as is. Put a darn DVR in the thing Apple!! Or start your own cable subscription service because nobody wants to pay per-show like you have it now. TOTALLY USELESS as is!
Put a DVR in there!

leptons: This is typical of the Apple “Hype-and-Release” cycle, where they come up with some 1/2 baked product (AppleTV, iPhone, etc), then hype the hell out of it using music video directors to make their products seem sexy and revolutionary. When Apple releases these products, they initially sell a lot of them, mostly to their apple fan-boy user base and some to the curious & misinformed. Then once the public realizes the thing looks nice on the outside, but is only half of what it should be on the inside, sales drop off and then Apple quietly and slowly pushes the device lower in their priority list. They tend to focus their workforce on the next hype machine that will make them some quick cash. As far as i’m concerned, Apple is a fad.. albeit a long running one, but still a fad.

Kitsune818: Sooo, his argument is that to do it right, give it the exact same feature set as the TivoHD? (Substituting iTunes for Amazon unboxed)

SirBotchness: cause it sucked. No space, no HD content, over priced.

paulsmith288: apple tv as a mythtv frontend. That could be a winner

skellener: Apple needs to add HD content to iTunes or AppleTV is a dead product. Period.

OGla: Just wait for the Leopard update. Guessing what extra functionality will come by then:
– iTunes store on AppleTV. Buy a movie from your TV couch.
– Safari for AppleTV. Bluetooth added. Buy a keyboard and a mouse for surfing from your couch.
– Timemachine functionality – backup your purchases.
– Games!
– Widgets. Weather, clocks etc.
– Bigger hard drive.
– Plug ins support. Divx etc.


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