Is Steve Jobs Sick Of The Cell Phone Industry Already?

ShimoniskeyJob’s keynote, riddled with anti industry comments, topped it all off with a big middle finger to AT&T by introducing the iPod touch. We’re with you man.[…] Thanks to Shimoniskey for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

juliajj: maybe he should enter the car industry…

amanj: one thing is certain, if he’s indeed sick with the cell phone industry, all the future updates of iphone’s software wont effect the unlock stuff. thereby he would be able to sell more phone’s and more profits for his company, far outweighing what he could have earned from at&t deal.

skellener: > Is Steve Jobs Sick Of The Cell Phone Industry Already?
What makes you think Steve Jobs ever liked the cell phone industry in the first place? The whole reason Apple even created the iPhone was because Steve HATED his cell phone! The same reason the iPod was created. He went to look for an MP3 player and all he found was crap. So he went back to the Apple labs and said create me the best MP3 player – ever! Same thing happened with the phone. He never liked the industry in the first place.

zmigliozzi: The first step is actually selling some. And apple has yet to do that. 146,000 in the first two days of its release… Apple has no right to be pointing finger’s especially when they designed it and only marketed it to AT&T. They are trying to take the blame of their poor sales out on someone else, when it’s their problem.

kidlinux: Seems to me a lot of people are missing the fact that the iPod Touch is wifi enabled. All you need is a microphone and you’re making phone calls through Skype or some other VoIP provider. You think Apple is going to stop at selling music from those Starbucks hotspots? That’s the big deal here.

I’ve never had an iPod, but I’ll buy the Touch the second VoIP calling is possible and I’ll throw my cell phone out the window and tell my service provider where to go and how to get there. That’s the big deal.

cscofield: If Apple can’t wait to open up the iPhone to other wireless carriers, why on earth would they have agreed to an exclusivity deal with AT&T in the first place?

dallasjfreeman: I don’t see why the iPhone was exclusively available to AT&T to begin with. For starters, it’s a smaller market as compared to EVERYONE. Stupid idea! I don’t think phones and MP3 players should be integrated to begin with. What happens with your iPhone goes flat cause you’ve been listening to music all day, you can no longer make calls, can’t surf the net, no one can call you. I think the iPod Touch is a perfect addition to your pockets without having to worry about your phone contract and who it’s with etc etc.

godisdead: Classic Steve Jobs. Seduce and abandon.

SPThom: I don’t think he’s tired of it… He’s just sticking it to this industry the same as he did to the music industry.

Kelmon: Buried for being total nonsense. 2+2 Banana. The Internet is great for giving everyone a voice but it also means that we also get to hear from a load of idiots.

blacklilyninja: i will never buy a cell phone.

i will buy an iPod touch

ilovemaria: haha! stupid cult. your master screws you again

siglesias: This guy is a moron. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the iPod touch is simply a false demand satisfier, meaning that (much like a video nano is, because, let’s face it, few people actually watch videos on their small-screened iPods, though demand it nonetheless) consumers need its existence to put into perspective the value of the iPhone, which is FAR more profitable for Apple. In fact, Apple makes back its $200 price cut in mere months of AT&T kickbacks. Jobs believes in communication technology. No way he’d be sticking it to his mobile carrier for the next four years, and I also think that exclusive carrier allows Apple to play out its uniformly styled product releases. Having multiple carriers would be the sloppy, plays-for-sure, Microsoft way.

fLUx1337: umm….WHY did Apple go with one network provider?

I know just selling unlocked phones and telling you to use what you want can be a bad idea, things wont work, and it wouldn’t be a true Apple experience – forums would be full of “Howz do I get SMS working on the blah network?!” but surely they could add a list of the top world providers, with different settings for each!

Apple don’t need AT&T, no matter how much money is involved….

HappyScrappy: I think perhaps the author is projecting his own feelings onto Steve Jobs.

The 16GB/iPod Touch thing is easily explained.

The Touch is needed for countries like Japan where the iPhone can’t be sold (GSM doesn’t mean crap there) and also for people countries like the US where some customers don’t want to switch to the sole provider of the iPhone.

As to the 16GB thing, well, just look at the iPhone price cut. It would appear the iPhone is selling slowly (this the need for the price cut). If the iPhone is selling slowly, they probably have current model iPhones on hand (or at least parts on hand for them). If you have parts on hand for current models, you don’t want to introduce a new model until you’ve burned off most of the old stock. Expect to see a 16GB iPhone a bit later, once they’ve sold off all the 4GB and most of the 8GB units they already have.


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