Whiny Techies, I

SeaMowseA bit of advice for all those who rushed out to be the first on their block with a new iPhone and are now bellyaching because Apple reduced the price:[…] Thanks to SeaMowse for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

enzomedici: No company can afford to piss off their loyal customers. That’s a death sentence. Between choosing AT&T in the first place, iPhone price decrease (should have had refund announcement on hand), half-assed AppleTV and the newly fucked up iMovie , Apple is on a roll of fucking things up as much as they create cool shit.

Clearly somewhere in Apple there is an idiot in charge that allow these things to happen. Find him or her and fire them asap before they fuck up something else like Leopard.

err404: All that “whining” got me $100 in store credit 😉

ggolem: Since when are people who buy a consumer product “techies”? Perhaps when people who ride in taxis became automotive engineers…

Chesh: His whole column is just an experiment to see if he can troll digg without actually posting here. 😉

spinlock99: His first point is well taken but he’s way off the mark on Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is not about bandwidth at all. It’s about looking inside packets and determining that “I will send this packet because it’s for the WWW” and “I won’t send that packet because it for BitTorrent.” If Net Neutrality hadn’t been the Internet policy since the beginning, we’d all be digging on Gopher instead of the World Wide Web.

Challaud: Hey I love all the passionate talk this article raises,
The issues it deals with are in a way up to everyone’s own personal view point, but everyone wants to be right!

On the Iphone price decrease and the subsequent 100$ credit I love the wording and general idea: “Tech Whinies, get a life” (…and enough already on the issue!). It totally clouded a yet another pretty amazing Keynote announcement full of news worthy of Apple devoted legion’s of fans. The only way these guys chose to respond was to bitch about a current practice in the Tech Bizz.
I believe Jobs is right when he says the more under the Iphone tent the better for Iphone owners… Look at all of the Ipod Ecosystem it generated and look how advanced Itunes’ features are compared to other similar services… Thanks to the sheer numbers and different needs of the vast community of the Ipod owners.

I don’t know if this guys knew how the Daily Show is popular on the net but he surely didn’t intended on a popularity vote with this… But literally it make sence, If you only get your source of News through “the Daily Show” or “the Kos” then you most certainly need to broaden your web surfing pattern…

On NET neutrality I’m afraid its a little of a misconception for many people… Duh, off course the Net should remain independent of political, ideological, religious, (…) direct influence… But the subject of NET neutrality as it is in fact truly being currently discussed is a lot more complex than just these simplistic views. He kinda launched another larger debate which needed a little more depth of argumentation…

But overall Dugg and Re-dugg… It’s a far cry from that Kansas journalist a few days back…

trinest: Pfff…Iphone is gay. PEople are stupid

headphonedude: Why would you want to be the guy complaining about complainers? Don’t listen to or encourage this guy’s interpretations. “Normal” people just understand that whiners are a part of life, just as much as this hypocritical bastard is too. Breathe, Ignore it, move humanity on. I personally don’t think the price drop was necessary, but kudos, its nice to see a company being proactive with their customers. That aside, wtf, online free lunches? You really think the united states internet service providers aren’t making enough money? I completely understand having markets that provide jobs with good pay, but all I can think about is how Japan’s internet services compare to our own. I’m referring to http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/techpolicy/2007-06-25-net-speeds_N.htm . I wish there was a way to charge them for being so shitty.

Furthermore, what does watching the Daily Show have anything to do with what he’s talking about. I don’t think anybodies arguing that you only need to watch the Daily show to understand net neutrality or economics. The only point the Daily Show wanted to make during that episode is that the representative in charge of regulating the internet doesn’t know jack shit about the internet. I don’t think that makes him less of a person, just probably not someone you’d want influencing decisions on that particular matter. Wake up!

Finally, what does he think he’s accomplishing by supporting tiered internet. Does he think by having other people pay more, he will be charged less? It’s nice to see a company like Apple moderate their greed, its nothing I’d expect from an ISP though.

I don’t know whats more disturbing about this article; the inaccurate content, or people actually believing this asshole. I personally want to believe that people recognize this on their own, but I know far too many people who don’t pay attention and don’t understand why they need to care.

P.S. I’m not an apple fan if thats what you’re thinking.

jun8119: The business aspect of the article was right on but what does this guy know about “techies.” What true techie do you know own an iPhone? 1-0 jun8119.

Sidzilla: For all of the sad little Apple fanboys who thought Steve was their friend and the Jesus Phone was going to make their cocks a little less pathetic.. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mc4_a: FW:
To: Molly Wood

cheekybastard: “Whiny Techies I” should have been titled “Early Adopters need to STFU” and “Whiny Techies II” needs to be retitled as “All I Ever Learned About the Internet Was From Corporate Press Releases”

kbro: Is it true that Net Neutrality is turning into a mandate that all people pay the same rate, regardless of how much bandwidth they consume?

ArchonSG: I was dugged down hard for predicting this before the iPhone was launched, and I will probably be dug down again for stating Apple is out to make money and no matter how much you think you love Apple, all Apple cares is that fine line between profit and loss and how much profit they can make from the products that they sell. You can defend, apologize or vilify Apple but the fact is that if they are going to stay in the Phone business they will have to come up with newer better improved phones because for all the advances that the current iPhone has, it has a lot of faults that many who are wowed by the iPhone’s hype refuse to see or admit. Also the other major cell phone makers will not be sitting still and will come up with products that will challenge the iPhone’s “coolness” if not the cost of owning one which is the reason for price “drop”. Apple’s marketing aren’t run by fools so they know price has to come down to sell off the current stock to make way for the newer 3G versions and later models with fuller capabilities. What the time line for this is anyone’s guess but I am pretty sure they don’t have all the time in the world if they are serious in establishing a real foothold in the cell phone business.

Or Apple could just say “screw this” and bail out on the iPhone altogether. Sell what they have now, complete what they are already developing and call it quits. Either way, as long as they recover the cost of R&D for the phones its a win for them.

natesnotjewish: I somewhat agree with this old, whiny douchebag. Early adopters always pay the premium, although the price drop came much earlier than expected. Even with the $100 credit Macfags the world over are still up in arms about it, and we all know a macfag can’t shut up.


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