17 powerful bookmarklets for the iPhone

MrBabyManBookmarklets are little pieces of Javascript code that can be saved as ordinary bookmarks in your web browser. They enhance your browsing experience by giving you super-instant access to useful tools and special functionality.There are billions of them, and below are my favorites.[…] Thanks to MrBabyMan for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Justinefalcon: http://www.netscape.com/member/justspecialist http://www.netscape.com/member/jennyacomplia

Ellveva: http://cheapgenericvia.eamped.com/

hourog: Am I missing something? I thought Java didn’t run yet on the iPhone. If it does, can U get to GoogleDocs and actually USE a spreadsheet?

spargett: Awesome, I was just bitching about how I couldn’t search a word on a page.

bsonline: The same price, or lower than a 360… half the price of a PS3… and much more useful. I mean, much. And yeah, I’ll sell you mine for 200 bucks when the next one comes out.

haggie: My favorite bookmarklets:

-Tracks in real-time how much you overpaid for your iPhone
-Counts down to the next rev of the iPhone which will make yours obsolete
-Graphical tracking of how AT&T is draining your bank account

The fun never ends!

gymbrall: Thank goodness they provide “super-instant” access. Plain old “instant” access is *so* Web 1.0 and was getting super-annoyingly super-slow.
Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, yes, I’m being super-sarcastic, mainly because I’m so super-bored….

jayhawk: Google cache without the images:

elhof: Dugg for the title not saying…

’17 powerful bookmarklets for iPhone’

Bloody proper noun my ass.


shadyacres: Mirror?

slickricks: 100 diggs and down (i.e., not fast enough for my 10-second attention span) already?

gaberowe: Bookmarklets are awesome. I use one all the time to automatically change the URL I’m at to append a domain name to point to a proxy server.

statikuz: Billions? Maybe… 100 BILLION?

justlook: The iPhone really is going to change how people use their phone. It feels like a PDA with these cool features.


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