Apple Cripples iPod Touch, Eliminates “Add” Button from Calendar

navotvolkAccording to support discussions and their own description pages, Apple has removed the ability to add contacts in the iPod touch’s calendar, even while it uses the same operating system and application frameworks as the iPhone.[…] Thanks to navotvolk for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

laughable: The Calendar should be removed altogether. If you can’t use the iPod Touch as pocket organizer/calendar/scheduler, why even include the calendar app? I bought the 16GB model a week ago, and I really like it. But there is so much room for software improvement it’s amazing.
The functionality is limited, but the real issue here is that Apple didn’t know what ‘buttons’ to put onto the main screen because they didn’t have any worthwhile apps. So they threw in crap like the calendar, calculator, arguably even the YouTube “app” (although I do like that feature myself).
It’s a video iPod with internet, people. It’s not a pocket PC or a PDA or a phone. The Touch does not need bluetooth, a mic, or a camera. I love that it is so thin. But, what it does need is better/more software. For $399, if Apple doesn’t release more robust software/firmware, I’m going to be really disappointed! At a minimum, Apple, give me the option to remove the Calendar/Calculator buttons from the home screen – I will NEVER use either!

iSrael: There are evil minds at every company… something so good and they manage to $çrew it up.

themorlo: BOO Apple. The new undisputed cripple ware Kings. And I thought Microsoft was bad! Guess what? ipod “classic” could not browse the web but the ipod touch can. Now the excuse that the touch can’t add calendar events is “previous ipods could not enter new events.”

Steve Jobs, I invite you to journey in my time machine. The year is 1997. Here in this magical world PDAs can enter contacts and calendar events. Wow what an amazing concept!

Why have a calendar at all?????


Boofster: This sucks! Especially the bluetooth part. I was looking forward to use it as a remote control or a keyboard for my PS3.

Bastards!! I’m like this close to canceling my preorder.

EdwardsNH: I see a lot of speculating that features are being crippled on the touch, so as to not undercut the iPhone. While I can’t see any other reason, this seems to be poor reasoning.

Consider how many more touch units will be sold compared to phones. The touch is worldwide, as opposed to the iPhone. Many people, myself included, won’t consider buying an ipod that ties it to a service contract. No way, never gonna happen.

Therefore, the potential profit from the touch is incredibly higher than the phone. So it’s like saying, “I’m going to weaken my potential 1 billion dollar product, so I don’t hurt sales of my potential 40 million dollar product. (Yes, I know, those numbers are probably far from actual profits, but you get my point)

Where’s the sense of that?

Ingersoll: Getting screwed by Apple is kinda like getting molested by a rich Uncle. It hurts, it makes you angry and you know it’s wrong, but you also know that if you complain about it no one is going to take you seriously and if you just keep your eyes closed tightly it will stop soon enough and you’ll get some really nice stuff out of the deal eventually. It’s what’s kept me a loyal Apple customer for decades.

ffonsok: The only reason why I am still planning on buying an Ipod Touch is because I know this feature will be hacked. However, as a college student, I was really looking forward to having an Ipod with PDA type qualities.

This story speaks volumes on what Apple thinks of it’s customers. They look down on the customer. I’ve been working with Macs for the past 3 years and have at least $8,000 invested in Apple products. Yet whenever I go into the Apple store I feel as if I’m being talked down to by the employees. There’s only so much longer I’m going to bend over for apple.

Inferno1321: This just sucks

Bloodfall158: Im fine with this but what else will go? Besides I’m getting the new nano..

racedude: We all now it will get hacked just like the iPhone did and then people may add it. Hackers may even beable to add the email, weather, google maps, etc.. apps from the iPhone because it uses the same OS. So who cares, I am not worrying about it right now…

Jeezoflip: Fuck calendar events, where is my 80gb iPod touch. 8 and 16 are weak.

brainded: This is just dumb, why alienate your customers by elminating a function from the code base. Thanks apple for shafting us again… i DONT want to get an iPhone and active it with att prepaid just to use it like a friggin iTouch…

funkytaco: It should be obvious that they don’t want the iPod Touch to outshine the unannounced iNewton.

Samohtneas: Oh noes, my iPod doesn’t have a f#cking calendar! I guess this means I have to go into my attic, and pull out a PAPER planner. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

kethraal: “Woahhh. I pressed this little button under your comment, and when I typed words, they appeared under your comment! I don’t even have to say “@ Kethraal”, and yet people still know that i’m talking to you! Incredible!”

Well cool. I’m glad that it works for you. Unfortunately, there’re two problems that I’m experiencing:

1) I don’t have _any_ hierarchy displayed. None. All comments are inline with one another. I can’t tell who’s replying to who.

2) There is no “reply” button under my (nor anyone else’s) comment.

I’m using a G3-targeted build of Firefox on Mac OS X 10.4.10. Comments worked great for me… up until the most recent update, at which point, the above two problems appeared.

So I appreciate your sarcastic tutorial on how the comment system is supposed to work — but it’s buggy.


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