Apple Eyes the Wireless Auction

CLIFFosakaJAPANSteve Jobs & Co. consider joining the FCC’s auction of wireless spectrum, and a win would give Apple many intriguing options—for the iPhone and more[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

xoineg: The best option would be having Apple and Google work together to create a kick ass network. Run apps from the network and apple supplies the hardware and some good services. Imagine macs, ipods and iphones all getting in sycn and being able to acces your files from any devices. Many possibilities maybe turning apple TV into a real TV receiver hehe.

blackpancakes: ho ho ho ho merry christmas! to me!!

o2o2o2o2: So lets say Apple/Google/Etc get the auction from the FCC.

Now what?
How are they going to put antennas on towers to provide the signals?
Think the cell phone companies will allow them to put antennas on their towers?

Putting up antennas is VERY expensive, especially in cities. People charge large amounts of rent to put antennas or towers on their property. This is easier said than done. Also cell phone companies are sharing less and less towers. They want to lock in the users to their network. I love the idea of another company besides the cell phone companies providing service, but I just cant see it. It has taken decades for the current cell companies to build up to what we have today, and its still not very good.

Maybe peoples homes could provide the antennas like the FON network. People could have their own Google Router and provide service to people in a 5 mile radius. Hehe, one can dream.

diggitizer: google and apple collaborate with this, last I heard they were. I think this is a great answer for innovative companies to drive consumer adoption of tech and push the hands of the people regulating the airwaves.

I think the FCC are fucking terrorists, who knows how much money they take from corps to keep things how they like them

joejoeknows: Apple and Google should merge. Goopple.

judsond: Don’t worry Apple will buy spectrum when hell freezes over. They are a hardware company, iTunes is not technically *that* hard. Mobile networking over the US is *very* hard. Hopefully Google will win. 🙂

Evildudetx: Apple will do nothing but fuck this up. Let Google have it so they can add it to the dark fiber network they already own. Then maybe we’ve got a shot at seeing broadband prices forced down.

mgajda: May have sense for Google and Apple to join for open broadband. Google Ads could fuel cheapest broadband, which Apple needs for their gizmos.

Enlightenment: If Apple wins the bid, you will be required to load some proprietary software called iWireless (or some such dumb-ass name) to get access to the wireless internet, and unless they write an iWireless for your operating system then you can’t access it. No one will be able to write their own iWireless compatible software for Linux because Apple won’t let you. You say….no way….well same thing happened with iPods requiring iTunes…so expect the same proprietary crap if Apple wins it!!!!

I hope that Google wins it!!!

kday: I wouldn’t trust Apple with the spectrum. They would find a clever way to lock the spectrum down even with the “open access” rules the FCC put into place. Just look how they abused the privileges of Unix in their OS X operating system.

Now if Google and Apple were in it together, I would support it. Knowing Google’s reputation, they would keep Apple in check, and make them do what’s best for the people and competition.

I just don’t trust Apple alone.

wbsrfr14: What if Apple buys the spectrum gives away the wireless High Speed internet service for Apple products. So all Macs, iPhones, & iTouches get free internet access for free and charge a 9.99 monthly fee for P.C. users. They get a steady revenue stream from P.C. people and give a huge incentive to BUY Apple computers. The wireless internet service becomes a loss leader to sell Hardware that Apple sells.

torched: Google software + Apple hardware (÷) joint service = KICK ASS!

jeffchuck: Shouldn’t the FCC be looking out for the taxpayers who own it? Why not keep the airwaves in the hands of the public and lease them out to the company whose interests are most aligned with ours?

o2o2o2o2: DONT GET TOO EXCITED…..No one has antennas for any of this.

petard: YEAH GO APPLE! I know for sure they will do something GREAT with this if they win!


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