Apple Sells 1 Millionth iPhone

wjrothmanSeventy four days out from launch, Apple has has sold 1 million iPhones.[…] Thanks to wjrothman for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

afdiesel26: Steve Jobs is the man! The rise of Apple is great, and the technological advances that Apple has made specifically with the Iphone are amazing. It is great to see that 1million have sold, and now that the price has dropped by $200 who knows how many more will sell?

nunomartins: Do you think the iphone has a killer design?? check this out

blackbrutha: Dont hate the player, hate the game. 24 Hours of movies and video podcasts on my 16 gig iphone keeps a brutha very entertained while waiting 5 hours in a waiting room.

flamebot: a million fanboys… yikes

QuantumFlux: 1 Million seems hard to be true. Apple could not produce enough Ipods to keep up with sales. How did they produce and sell 1 million iphones in such a short time. And how did ATT’s network keep up with the new customers?

surfacewound: This means nothing. There are not 1 million people walking around with iPhones, only 1 million iPhones shipped. Now, Microsoft also counts their sales the same way, however, there are no Microsoft sales, so when they ship a product it IS at least going to a retailer that purchased it, so at least it’s technically accurate.

But Apple is obviously selling their iPhones in Apple stores, so I wonder how many of these million shipped phones are sitting in Apple stores, in FACT, unsold. For this figure to not be a flat-out lie, it MUST ONLY include iPhones that SOLD to customers at Apple stores and phones shipped no non-Apple stores.

troyallen069: 1 million phones with flash

hippomille: Sorry digg but this is not even close to news. It seems that apple and you have some form of mutual relationship. You and the community lose credibility…especially for this one.

ryanwaliany: meanwhile, the other co-founder of Apple sells a car play off the 280z ad on…

ExBuM: I just saw this article with 1337 diggs. :]

dreddk: This isn’t that impressive – Apple was predicting 10 million iphones sold this year…really this is tracking below that prediction unless all the apple fanboys buy a second handset

dookofearl: Talk about a get rich quick scheme…

superdoug: And they sold half of them after the price cut.

machine82: 365/74 is about half of there goal if sales go like they have been. 200 dollars off will make this interesting. Maybe it was an act of desperation but I think that the whole thing was planned. Pure market genius!

DrummerAndrew: Simpsons > South Park

Had to try my hand at a completely useless comment. Kinda fun.


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