Engadget is giving away 5 iPhoneSIMfree unlocks…Try and get yours

UCBearcatsSo if you haven’t already heard, today is iPhoneSIMfree launch day, and the crew that software unlocked the iPhone has hooked us up with five iPhone unlocks to give away to you, our faithful, iPhone obsessed readers. We’ll be giving one away each day of the week this week, starting now![…] Thanks to UCBearcats for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

linktothepast: Won’t get me to buy an iPhone– Damn Verizon!

TheBigSquid: If you win sell the unlocked phone for way too much money.

ThirdPrize: Give it 6 months and the iPhone will be history. Stupid market for Apple to get into in the first place. Most people only got them as they couldn’t wait for the iPod Touch and now it turns out it wouldn’t have been that much of a wait anyway. Even the Touch turned out to be a souped up Nano rather than a proper iPod replacement.

ramsinks.com: we’ll have it up on TPB soon.
Thanks for trying to sell a hack tool though..

ORBAT: “In other news, Engadget is getting sued by Apple”…

zdiggler: Wait a few days and it will be free everywhere!



deltabourne: sweet a free iphone imma try get in on this

ApolloXLII: FYI you have to supply YOUR OWN IPHONE. they’re not giving you one. you’re not winning one. you’re only winning the possibility that they’ll unlock your iphone without fucking your shit up. so basically, enter to have them possibly unlock your iphone… and possibly bricking it. best. contest. ever.

oneredeye: It’s like giving away free copies of Linux. You know the process is going to appear free on the internet sooner or later. Buried.

Kazbaeden: “Please be aware you are purchasing software that will be installed on your computer which will unlock your phone via wifi. In the event Apple comes out with a new firmware upgrade which will lock your phone again you hereby agree that Wireless Imports nor its vendor will be held liable or responcible for unlocking your handset again. If your handset becomes locked you will be charged to unlock it again.”

Good Luck with that!

coheedcollapse: “We’re not guaranteeing that it will work when your phone gets the next Apple update later this month, that it will work with your SIM or your carrier, or even that it will work on your phone. We’re not even going to guarantee you won’t end up with a bricked phone. We’re just handing it off to the winner, the end.”

That is one scary contest. There’s a chance of winning a bricked iPhone.

Hiki: It’s past six hours, so it’s too late anyways.

bingobongony: AWESOME! Sign me up…for the “Couldn’t care less” list.


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