iPhone unlocked on camera from start to finish

lisaphamHere it is, the first time on camera you’ve seen a real iPhone software SIM unlocked from start to finish (and not done with the demo app iPhoneSIMfree sent out last week).[…] Thanks to lisapham for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

KateWilliams191: Hey, you know one this…… iPhone has video out capabilities to where it could be come up to a television set to play videos. It might be the end result of a successful iPhone unlock, which took place in off-camera. http://www.reviewbooth.com/

stabilo66: the real methos here:


nunomartins: Do you think the iphone has a killer design?? check this out http://www.digg.com/apple/Review_ColorWare_iPhone_paint_jobc

blackpancakes: thats awsome!!!!!! Heck Yea!!!!!

tomis: Pretty cool. Too bad he didn’t think to just use a tripod that could be easily tilted but the video could of been worse. Here’s hoping that a free unlock method will be developed and released as open source…

locojones: LOL This video doesn’t prove anything. For all we know, the guy in the video is a schill promoting the product. Any piece of software can make it look like the carrier is T-Mobile. I didn’t see anything else that couldn’t be done with sleight of hand, or gluing two sims together to make one look like a legitimate T-Mobile sim. Funny how they didn’t show real proof, like having to re-enter network settings for T-Mobile, or showing that visual voicemail did not work when using the “T-Mobile” sim. Lame, and most likely a scam.

Malachai77: they have to figure out how unlock the phone for verizon users…

PiMPSP: Soooo..whats stopping at&t from purchasing a few of these under a fake reseller name and then using the application and sniffing out where it actually connects to then implementing a block on the IP address for the connection?

preshit: Okay, so if I’m not wrong, this thing works _just_ like the iPod touch if we remove the SIM, right ? So what’s the problem using this ?

onestep: get a freakin’ tripod already. No tripods hanging around the engadget offices…?

Duncan3: $99 gets you something that won’t work after the next software update, and will be FREE in a week once it’s reverse engineered.
Just how profoundly dumb do you have to be pay for that?

chrisdancy: Apple is behind this because they hate AT&T and they just dropped their pants by 200.00.

/sarcasm but possible!

nitrojunky24: I’d just like to see them make it so you don’t have to reactivate the Itunes without the computer so you can swap cards on the go without a PC that would be nice. not that that I own one but anyway!

pradaaddict: Must you activate it normally through iTunes with AT&T? Or can you start this process without ever activating it?

I’d like to get one because as a Canadian i have very few options to get one normally.

over90000: lol, why is he using a dell screen. dells suck.


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