iPhoneSIMfree goes retail

fernBlet the unlocking begin[…] Thanks to fernB for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Quote737: They certainly don’t put the “free” in SIMfree.

mpraetorius: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE9K2kCawhw
and that’s how it looks like in Germany with Eplus and Base

darkened: I think it’s time for me to register iphonesimunlockmegasale.com and charge $25 for my preorders and laugh all the way to the bank.

ianmurrays: yeaaah, i think i’ll stick to the n95…

darkphan: So, in a month or so, when the software drops to $20, are they going to give a “store” credit to the early adopters of the unlocking software?

nobogeys217: I wonder how long it will take to hit the bittorrent sites

MoClippa: Just wait guys… they are not offering a second unlock in the event an update locks your phone again.

To quote http://www.wirelessimports.com “If your handset becomes locked you will be charged to unlock it again.” That’s just a dirty business model, mostly when you are shelling out $99 just to get the hack in the first place! Even the $50 the Australian company’s charging is still too expensive, in light of the fact that they are demanding more money for future hacks.

digitallysick: I would wait, only a matter of time before someone figures out the software and we get it for free. Once the hype dies down, im sure someone will do it just for the Lulz!

iphoner: yes but who is making the money from the software now that they sold the company? http://digg.com/apple/iPhoneSIMfree_purchased_Undisclosed_Buyer_and_Amount

wheelzr: On T-Mobile you can get unlimited data usage for 19.99 per month if it is added on to a Voice plan of 39.99 or more. Or you can get a data only plan for 49.99 per month. T-Mobile uses EDGE which uses speeds of about 150-275 kbps. T-Mobile also has a way you can call over wi-fi now. While I would wait to buy an iPhone with more memmory on board, I would not hesitate to ditch AT&T, and go with TM simply because if you live on the east coast, at&t sucks just as bad as tmobile coverage wise for the most part and it is a lot cheaper when you factor data and voice plans in (MyFaves is much better than roll-over minutes.) However, the Google Phone looks like it is alot closer than most people think. So screw iPhone anyway.

Evildudetx: Personally, I expect Apple to hit these guy with a DCMA take down notice shortly. They are also going to get hit for trademark infringement for their lame ass name…….

gamemaster357: torrents

frepnog: Fake fake fake

Proctor: This program will be bought twice. One by the guy above, and one by a hacking group looking to make money from the ads after they release a crack. XD

Darklighter: I blindly followed the links all the way to iphonesimfree.com’s site and mindlessly clicked through until I was checking out my order, then I realized, what the #@&% am I doing? I realized how I’ve become so used to just buying without thinking by buying ridiculously overpriced Apple products that it was spilling over into anything Apple related. I need some serious help.


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