iPhoneSIMfree’s End user solution tested – It works!

RedFoxEvanWe can’t confirm that everyone’s already received their iPhone unlocks, but we did get to test the final consumer software version today — the very same thing people all over will be paying to unlock their devices with — and, not surprisingly, it works like a charm..[…] Thanks to RedFoxEvan for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Stea1th: It would be funny if At&t gave them a big, FU and just announced that the new firmware would allow to have the phone unlocked for free.
I’m sure that would be a much bigger slap in their face then anything.

Stea1th: I don’t see how they should be allowed to make money off this. I’m not saying Apple/AT&T have the right to keep the phone locked, but they did
have a agreement and now a bunch of virgins go ahead and find a bypass around it, to allow it to be used on other carriers. I could see if it was free
which I think it should be..but to make profit is bullshit. I hope it gets cracked.

bakingoven: Someone should crack unlocking program for unlimited usage

Wang: Big question to those who are spending $100 on this at the “US retailers” for iphonesimfree……WHY??? you can get it cheaper at the Australian / other country retailers! LOL.

o2o2o2o2: Wonder what the legal implications would be if Apple re-locked the phone after you unlocked it. Legally you are allowed to unlock your phone, but……………..

o2o2o2o2: 24 HOURS TILL iPhoneSIM Free HACKED!

I give the the iPhoneSIM Free software 24 hours to get hacked and be free to everyone. Do they really think they have better protection against hackers than some of the biggest companies around like Adobe, Microsoft who spend millions on copy protection.

Texas04: Duplicate.. Buried

kidd3ckz: Its not really unlocked tho, its just a hack that lets you switch carriers… an unlocked phone you can just swap out the SIMs as often as you want without having to re-activate it….. amirite?

toast4321: another question, assuming that:
1) you live in the US
2) you’re not under contract
3) at&t & t-mobile has about the same coverage in your area
4) you’d like an iphone
Are there any benefits to this or any future unlocking hacks? Besides for the initial cost of the phone, pricing packages and data plans seem roughly about the same. I’m just curious if there are any compelling reasons to stick with t-mobile.

derekivey: Why does Engadget have to post 2 articles related to this? They already had a post earlier today with a video, why do they need another post with a picture?
Buried as spam

noamchomskeet: Who gives a sh!t, when is this gonna be FREE

HOTM: So quick question. I have a razr on a family plan. If I bought this software, I could buy an iphone, and unlock it, and just switch sim cards? I wouldn’t get visual voicemail or whatever, but that would work?

axisofphilippe: NOT BREAKING: Thing’s worked as advertised.

sanarchy: No huge surprise here, but I’m stoked to see it happen none-the-less 🙂


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