iTunes, 1425×1425 Album Artwork

boonlengUse Type in the artist and album and get the big album artwork from apple.[…] Thanks to boonleng for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

manonfire285: 3460

dstopping: Also try

danomagnum: album art aggregrator is the best thing i’ve found for album covers.

LoganT: Guys, use this link.

Right click on an album in iTunes and select “Copy iTunes Store URL” and put it in the box that says “iTunes Album URL.”

Lazyboy0172: I searched many people and most came up with nothing or 404 errors when clicking on the album art. the only two i got through are:
redman – red gone wild (600×600)
red hot chili peppers – stadium arcadium (1670×1483)

zoom1928: Your session has expired, please refresh the page before commenting.

DelSolMan: I would love to be able to pick different countries.

insinuate: wtf. No Hatebreed?

yevkasem: this will be _perfect_ for my new nano with a 320×160 screen…

Phillyzero: This is an ancient website…’Josh’ and his art grabber stuff is very crappy, WAY too few artists in his database.


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