Pictures: A peek inside Apple’s new nano and classic iPods

msaleemThe first tear-down photos taken of Apple’s new third-generation iPod nano and sixth-generation iPod classic are in, revealing extensive use of adhesive inside the nano and a new support plate behind the classic’s noticeably thinner display.[…] Thanks to msaleem for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

switza: Can anyone describe me the colors of the new ipod nana 3rd generation…is the blue, turqouse or baby blu…is the green baby green or tropical green, and the red??is it a piny red or blood red??

catskin: I’m interested in how difficult it is for myself to take those things apart. If they make it harder for me to have its battery replaced then that will become an issue.

lilstubthumb: I bet if you added up the cost of all the parts the price would be nowhere near the price they charge. The nanos are over priced. Think about it for (and I’m not sure this price is correct) $250 you get a case, tiny lcd screen, an 8 gb flash drive and apples annoying software that only plays their format.

exec0extreme: why do these people always need to pull the new stuff apart?

fibreoptix: I really would like one of those Touch ones, but I bought an 80 Gig last X-mas….. damn.

blackpancakes: your mom goes to college!!!!!!

SLH06: I really doubt the Nano and Classic are OSX based. Coverflow was very choppy and slow unlike the iPhone and Touch.

TKDEE: I’m sure this isn’t a normal concern for most people, but I’m really glad they went back to the snap on back cover for the new nano. It makes it so much easier to take apart (like in the link) and repair if something breaks or you want a better battery. I would like to know if the nano firm ware can recognize more than 8gig of flash. I remember the 1st gen nano you could upgrade to 8 by mounting an extra 4 gig chip next to it (they had an extra mount routed out for another chip since the nanos came in different configurations: 2x1gig, 1x2gig, 1x4gig).

jasmar: I know this is about the insides, but…. I think the photos of the nano and classic that are found on the Apple site misrepresent the thickness of these devices. The photos make both of them look thicker and less sleek looking than they really are. The shading you see around the edges of the front side implies a much more pronounced bevel. When you actually seen one of these in person and hold it in your hands, the “fatty” term no longer applies.

grav3k33p3r: This may be unrelated:
I’m considering in buying an iPod but most of my files are in wma, wmv, and avi format. Is there a hack to make these things play *.avi and *.wmv files without converting them?

spoiled1: Toshiba Hard Drive ….. made in China.
So they don’t just make the toys…. they make almost EVERYTHING.

Skurt: PDP 11 FTW!

SantaDuJuan: These are the best comparison pictures I’ve seen for the new iPod classics

rowlodge: its funny how much space just the battery takes up, these things could even be more compact without the battery taking up 90% of the space.

MusicMagi: why?
and why is this being dugg?


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