Steve Jobs Offers Early Lisa Adopters Store Credit

FigsEarly adopters of the iPhone weren’t the only ones receiving in-store credit from Steve Jobs. In an overlooked announcement, Jobs said that early adopters of the Apple Lisa would be receiving a $7000 in-store credit.[…] Thanks to Figs for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

archivist: 70,000 USD is a lot of money hehe

tmcdigg: Now if Apple’s products can get back to that minuscule market share, hehehehehe…
Let’s do the math kids: $50-200 (yes, some people are only getting fifty bucks if you bought beyond 15 days after the price cut from an AT&T vendor)..
Multiply by 1,000,000 phones sold, Hmm.. loads more than $70k..

halfgook: did apple really give store credit for early iphone adopters?

yoshitx: Apple hosed me a few years ago. Paid $50,000 for Web Objects. 2 days later they lowered it To $499. Apple even admitted I was the last $50K sale.

This is nothing new. Steve acts like the good karma boy. But deep down he is as evil as most capitalists. Sad thing is he cant even find the evil in his own soul. Keep eating the granola Steve. That will keep you pure.

baronvonrolo: I was rather amused by the phrase “Sales figures from that year show that if all people who bought the computer claim the refund, Apple could be liable for almost $70,000”

Boingo: That poorly written spoof was not funny at all. Plus!, It was written three days to late. Did it really take Brian this long to conceive the idea, type and post it? Perhaps Brian Briggs can tackle more fresh topics such as the Xbox 360 RROD. Brian Biggs needs to read The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and see what real humor is.

majglow: The funniest part of the article is the bit about how apple could be liable for almost $70k.

juliajj: What about 70k rebate from the other apple guy for his car…

apple founders and ludicrous pricing strategies…

AUmrysh: 70,000/7,000=10

CYR1X: Fuck I dont care if the article is satire I’m sick of digg riding jobs’ dick.

hoax689: oh please fuck off with all the mac stories, get linux or windows mac is for FAGS

vawksel: Notice the quote in the article from a one “Steve Bloughs”.

fuegosecret: And what of early adopters of the AIX running ANS (who paid $20,000 for a really nice PM9500 w/ RAID)? Forget credit, just release a free version of Darwin (not even OS X) that will run the ANS w/ native drivers for the RAID card. Jobs didn’t have anything to do with the ANS, but he probably did kill it (along with A/UX btw) because it ran AIX (though there are reports of it running early release candidates of Rhapsody, i.e. pre-OS X Server 1.0).

TheMillenial: who on earth saves barcodes from boxes they bought almost 25 years ago


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