Toshiba’s DTR technology hints at 240GB iPod drives by 2009

obeezyWith Apple launching their new iPod classic, pretty much everybody is now aware that 1.8-inch hard disks max out at 160GB. Thing is, that disk — be it from Toshiba or Samsung — is actualy spinning a pair of 80GB platters at its core.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

tmcdigg: I understand that all 1.8″ drives utilized first 20, 30, 40, 80gb platters and now 160gb..
However, this goes against the grain of miniaturizing laptop 2.5″ drives, which should bring the next logical step
to 200/250gb..No 2.5″ drives with 240gb..

Personally, anything beyond 200gb is a waste of space for just “MEDIA FILES”. Portable media players (pmp) should evolve into UMPCs (ultra mobile personal computer) along the lines of the miniature tablet style and and PDA form factors. This would surely bring down the cost if they went into mass production…

AlKo: Hopefully reliability will be still be relatively high… but I have to agree that I’d much rather have a 60Gig flash drive.

jenhorne: I could really use a 240GB drive, I have about 80 gigs of tv shows, 90 gigs of movies and about 80 gigs of music. I could almost fit my whole collection on there finally!

lamina: Every time there’s a mention of increased storage capacity, you idiots comment ‘Wow that’s a lot of porn’ and ‘finally I can have all my porn with me’. Shut the fuck up. No one cares how much porn you have. Wow you’re so cool because you don’t have a girlfriend ad you sit around wanking to your huge porn collection all day. Do you think a girl you met somewhere would be interested in your massive porno collection?

iancgi: lol it will be way more than that

thedonga: I doubt Apple will be using hard drives in any of their iPods soon. surely by 2009 their will be 120GB Flash drives and they can just pop 2 in there and you’ll never have to worry about hard drive failure.

DOGPARTY: this is a stopgap, the nano and touch are the future

stylewarcouk: Don’t bother… just get this…

oliviacond: sigh, i expect 240GB to be released by next year.

maxz2040: I absolutely agree,this technology seems excellent in efficiency 333Gb psi*
190Gb of music means a LOT when they are useless mp3’s or something like that, Unfortunately when you start asking Audiophiles alike we need the space.
im building up my DVD_Audio and Flac collection at least, and space is no commodity,
i like the Maxtor add if i remember correctly “Every 30 Seconds, someone in the world… Runs out of Storage” ROFL

skoobisnaxs: give me an affordable car that runs on electricity by 2009, I need that more.

aliguana: Thing is, it’s not “wow, no way you could have 190 gigs of music man”. Its about quality. You up the drive size, you can move away from horrible 128kps iTMS music, into very high bitrates, FLACS even. Put a few HD .264s on there for output to your TV and you’d fill it up pretty quick. If you had said, back in 1999 “Apple are bringing out a 16 gig iPod” you would have said “Why? no way you could fill that up!”. Hell, back in 1999, my HARD-DRIVE was 10 gigs.

Kdurrty: Finally I can watch all my porn on-the-go.

Frnnkdlxx: You’ve got to improve the quality and price of computers first. Macs are the best at handling music, but regular pc’s are the only things affordable. And their music handling qualities are horrible. Fix up my laptops capacity, and then we’re in business.

thesportoflife: cant wait to get me a tera byte ipod in 2010


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