Woz, founder of Apple, creates Spoof of Car Ad and is Selling for $100k

renwoshinWe were hanging out with Woz before he left for Taiwan and Woz thought it would be funny to film a spoof of the old Nissan 280z commercial. Here’s a chance to buy the car, hang out at Woz’s house, have lunch, and donate to poor computer scientists at UC Berkeley.[…] Thanks to renwoshin for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

joncannon: I was going to digg this for the Woz and old school Datsun and for their original Japanese name Nissan. But then White and Nerdy played. I must be one of the only ones who dislike that song.

super8mtb: Anyone Else notice the sweet floor mat? R RACING!

djslouch: why is this interesting… seriously.

OffPiste: My god is he obese. This is just sickening how Americans let themselves go.

Stadsport: Dugg for Woz and Z cars.

chrisx3: I see an add for a $49050 car…

shadowspawn: Woz is still my hero. Guess you peek and poke inside his work long enough you get to realize what his thought patterns are like. Ah, the good days of PR#6. (I like the older Z, by the way.)

MrViklund: Gogo Woz! 😀

klovisskudgens: I loved the Apple II License Plate

galore: “poor” and “Berkeley”? Must be an odd definition of poor…

blackmage439: “White & Nerdy”
I think that sums up 95% of all Mac users perfectly, despite what their commercials lead you to believe.

adml_shake: Anyone else think he looked like one of those geico cavemen towards the end of the movie?

macewan: Hell, I appreciate being introduced to hotswap.com :-p

mroo3: Woz >>> Jobs

peterinjapan: I had a problem with my TAM (20th Anniversary Macintosh) hard drive so I posted on the old Powerpage.org mailing list for help. The Wozmeister replied to my post, recommending the best hard drive for my machine (just about the last of Apple’s SCSI computers). Getting computing help from Woz made my whole year. What has that other Steve done for me lately, huh?


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