Apple to offer “$2.99 30-Day Movie Rentals” on iTunes this Fall

CLIFFosakaJAPANApple s believed to be working towards starting the new service some time in the fall which would offer a 30-day rental for $2.99[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

roffelmeh: zomg is comcast gonna block this traffic too ?!

RufusJSquirrel: Whoopty fucking WHO GIVES A SHIT? Keep eating the DRM they’re feeding you. I can’t believe how much Apple dick Digg people suck.

InsMan: The benefit would be that you do not have to wait for the hottest movies due to inventory shortage. If they make it like pay per view then I would pass as they always seem to show movies that have been out for a few months on DVD.

acidbathfan: It’s still just speculation at this point but the article did mention a Financial Times article on the same subject which means it will probably happen sooner than latter. I remember the Financial Times warning people that the PS3 was going to be a financial drain and present a lot of difficulties for Sony over a year before it was released.

openthinker: I’d BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR! Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk! 😛

digitallysick: I would buy an apple tv without question if they can offer this type of service. It would be amazing

Rileyper: ooo another way for apple to rip you off Maybe i can get $100 store credit

gfitzgeraldmd: Yes! If they can manage to get 720p, I’ll drop Netflix and buy an Apple TV the same day.

Masonsmith: you should then be able to apply the rental price towards purchase if you want to keep it.

Aurash91: well, its cheaper than going to Blockbuster… and a heck of a lot easier.

austin63: “but would prevent them from being copied, according to Financial Times”
Well if the financial times says it, it must be hard.

dudefaceguyman: I have to admit, if that’s true It’s one step closer to actually making the Apple TV worth purchasing. Good prices for rentals. Some more needed updates for the Apple TV and maybe I’ll consider buying one in 2 years! =D

Seriously, what was the point of the Apple TV without even online movie rentals on iTunes? It supports 720p and their TV/Movie content isn’t even DVD quality..What the hell?! Sure it’s fine and dandy for iPods, but for your TV. Pass. Apple TV should never of been released until at least the rentals were available and price was a lower.

Even if you looked at the Xbox 360 as just an media player and ignored games. It’s still worth purchasing more for a media center. SD and Hi-Def movie and TV rentals/purchases, option for an affordable HD-DVD player accessory, and now supports up to 1080p. The 360 is a gaming console. Gamiiiing Consolee. It’s sad that even ignoring the awesome games the 360 has, it’s still a much better purchase then the Apple TV in media comparison..

msam924: “believed to be working towards starting the new service some time in the fall”

can it get more vague?

bmc31190: I’ll just keep torrenting.

jydesign: Yes, finally! (or is it still just hopefully?). OK what kind of idiot studios would have rentals on Amazon Unbox, but not want to also allow for people to rent and play movies on an iPod? Now that all iPods but the shuffle have video playback, that’s a huge untapped market that’s not being served, and that also WANTS to be served – since there’s no legit Mac supported online rental platform. Perhaps another no-brainer destined to be mishandled by the big studios? Don’t blow it.


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