Apple: You have our blessing to hack the iPhone to bits

AmazingSycoPC Mag spoke with Apple’s Greg Joswiak and received some refreshingly candid responses to their questions about the iPhone and iPod touch. Most notably, Joswiak said that Apple doesn’t oppose native software development at all, and that the company takes a neutral stance on it.[…] Thanks to AmazingSyco for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Mafoo: I don’t believe this for a second. If they really wanted to bless 3rt party apps. they would have released a offical SDK. My guess is that they just don’t want to look like they can’t control thier products or don’t want to look like they are trying to control their customers.

Zoglog: taking a neutral stance is not giving you their “blessing” Inaccurate title. Go kill yourself.

grawity: How about “crack the iPhone to bits?”

penguincentral: Well, this is a surprising turn from the worst…

broodking: wow at last a good new age device that the company lets u hack there product

now I’m only waiting for Sony to allow u to hack the PSP

HappyScrappy: They reversed field.

carl25: does it really matter ? they obviously can’t stop people from hacking it.

m2paper: I wonder if they will try and stop iToner.

Lazer32: Its a Trap!

jim1977: Hmmm… saying the right things in the right places isn’t the same as open source or releasing an SDK; it’s just marketing talk for “we have a big wall, climb it if you want to, but it’s not going away and it might move or get bigger.”

Jaymoon: Could it be that they aren’t minding this one bit because there’s no way on earth they are going to meet their projected 10mil. iPhones sold by the end of the year?

Once the modding community builds up, sales start to rise, all the while Apple pretends it happened by pure chance… Pfffft.

tomis: Lack of a unified/documented SDK is just a sign that a platform is still in beta. Why buy a phone that’s still in beta in the first place?

Dognutz: bad title. Stoopid , bury. Who taught you to write titles??? FOX NEWS HAHHAHAHAHAAHAAHHAHA

mvpimpao: apple get its money from the selling of the iPhone.. not from xboxlive kinda thing (wtf lol)… thats AT&T´s problem. i could bet as Apple dont give a rat crap if people unlock their phones.

klethron: I want my ZunePhone complete with URGE and some other spyware crap.


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