Buy a sweet car AND win a free lunch with Steve Wozniak!

wu62086Steve Wozniak uses, a fancy Web 2.0 used car site, to post a sweet car he’s selling for charity (money donated to UC Berkeley IEEE program). Buy the car and you can go to his personal house, schmooze with him over lunch, and pick it up! He’ll even give you his autograph!![…] Thanks to wu62086 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Bricks: Dugg for White and Nerdy.

waterdrop: Anyone else surprised he has two Hummers? (an H1 and a H2)

KSUdesigner: “He’ll even give you his autograph!!”

Well you better get his autograph, you need it in order to transfer the title to the car.

wu62086: i like the original video straight from the 80s:

supernova17: Apple II tags, hot.

usaar33: Wow, what an awesome video.
If I were not a poor Berkeley college student, I would totally pay $100k for that. As long as it came with the segway.
I hope IEEE gets the donation though – I’ve never seen a student club that does so much for the community.

Cybermg: Woz has jumped the shark

ringsofsaturn: His suit is rather alarming.

edchen: Go Bears and IEEE!

ryanwaliany: that’s part of it.

crunchymm: hahahahaa great spoof
that smile is so cheesy

EpidemiK: Go bears! This is a grate opportunity!

ryanwaliany: I think i’d buy it for 25,000.

BrainCore: $100k… i’m only interested if it comes with a $30k rebate to the apple store…

juliajj: go IEEE


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