How to: 8 Ways to Get Ringtones Onto Your iPhone For Free

diskopoPurchasable iPhone Ringtones are officially here, but most of you won’t want to pay $0.99 for the privilege of using a 30 second version of a song you’ve already purchased. Here are 8 alternative ways to get ringtones onto your iPhone.[…] Thanks to diskopo for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

satforever: none

CelticWarrior: I’m NEVER updating from 7.4

Once i read 7.4.1 broke the free ringtones, i haven’t updated.

Apple can suck it. .

h377r1d3r: 9th way: Sell iPhone, but a Phone 😛

JOHNNYNUKEM: … and to think I payed money to download Crazy Frog


thefinger: That’s all we need… helping people create more shitty annoying ringtones.

themurph2099: Here’s another free way to get it done:

liquidcola: and no one can come up with one way to get them on a sidekick 3?

eugene2x: Um, iPhone is crap?

buba69: doesn’t google account for #7 and #8 and automatically disregard those efforts?

joe361: Another who gives a shit topic.

weizur: Wow a How to and a 8 ways and it’s about the iphone, this will obviously lauch to the top of digg forever!

DaveClarkOne: How many ringtones at 99 cents each is going to send you into bankruptcy?? Fuckin’ A, this is the most ridiculous kind of thread. Buried as lame. Tight screws.

lumbergh: AppTapp (which was mentioned) is amazing. The list of apps and updates is growing literally by the hour. You can now get any of the following: multiple chat clients (including Colloquy for IRC), an NES emulator, Frotz, two terminal apps, SSH, Apache (yes, on the phone), demos that use the motion sensors… etc… it’s unbelievable.

tomis: Does anyone still use those iPhone things? I mean, aren’t those sooo June 2007? Is Apple even in business anymore? It’s all about the linux phones man.

lebsoljah: so they lowered the price of the iphone but are charging shitloads of cash on their extras

the funny part is that more than 50% fall for it


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