Independent iPhone Free Software Unlock Achieved

wjrothmanThe free unlock appears to have been achieved by the usual suspects according to their conversations on IRC. Apparently multiple hackers are exploiting the same buffer bug that the iPhone Sim Free people used to achieve their unlocks, but it is their own independent free unlock.[…] Thanks to wjrothman for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

manuelg: Guys, we are in the presence of one of the very few mistakes in recent Apple history (or not?). Perhaps “naively” Steve Jobs was looking after some quick profits and fall into the trap of “Corporate America”. Why all over the world all GSM companies gives you the freedom, and still some guys believe that attaching contracts to phones will keep loyal customers. Telecoms outside US have learned that lesson. Freedom of choice. That is what, at the end, will prevail. Love the Iphone, but still limited in capacity/capabilities. I will wait for the 16Gb/3rd Gen Iphone… Next December… Holiday season…. What a Coincidence.?

HappyScrappy: Worked for me. The only tip can can give (besides the chmod +x on the page) is that you need the termcap file from geohot’s original hack and you have to put it in /etc (not /usr/local/etc). If you don’t, miniterm will refuse to run with a message saying it is missing termcap.

Any, I’m unlocked. Hope it stays that way. If you read engadget right now, you’ll see Apple turned back from the “we don’t really mind if people make 3rd party apps” message to “your 3rd party apps will likely break with future updates”. In other words, they WILL break.


snowisfun: ok so i am going to sign up for a tmobile plan tomorrow or so. any phone they sell that has a sim card will work right? also what would be the best plan? will the sidekick plan work, or is the 5.99 unlimited web good enough?

ccldude: Does someone have the tutorial for a mac instead of PC? Can’t wait to unlock the phone but I am using a mac.

onyxkill: – Mirror Tutorial

bsonline: The CEO of iPhoneSimFree has written an open letter in light of this recent development.

To my loyal customers,

Sometimes, this is the shit you have to deal with. I really appreciate your money. However, there have been numerous death threats…. hmmm…..
Ok, I’ll give you a 20% refund as a credit to our store, so that you may purchase additional copies of iPhoneSimFree.
In conclusion,

Sent from my iPhone.


TellarHK: What I’m curious about now, is whether anyone can confirm or deny a T-Mobile Blackberry SIM will work, with full data.

MrViklund: AT&T and Apple have made an agreement and I think that people should respect that. But it seems like it’s a sport to hack every Apple product.

aforsberg: great job, oh 1337 haxxorz whose pw3nage is beyond the comprehension of a n00b such as i. i… i think i love you…

lothar250: Here’s the tutorial:

JWhempner: If I get an unlocked iphone and I am already with AT&T do I need to get a new plan or can I continue to use the same plan?

haid: What about data connectivity? Under AT&T it used edge. Under T-Mobile, can one surf the internet at a non-WIFI locale?
Don’t tell me it uses T-Mobile’s 3G, because then everyone explodes.

elguapo1976: Good work guys – time for an iPhone to ship to Australia me thinks.


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