iPhone Dev Team one step away from free unlock?

navotvolkNow that iPhoneSIMfree is in the wild, the iPhone Dev Team folks that started all this hackery have been looking to see how the iPhoneSIMfree hack works, and seem to have landed upon the solution. Apparently the thrust of what the iPhoneSIMfree folks figured out[…] Thanks to navotvolk for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

nunomartins: Do you think the iphone has a killer design?? check this out http://www.digg.com/apple/Review_ColorWare_iPhone_paint_job

risotto: I can confirm: it works! You still need to have an ssh server installed on your phone and login to the phone. Stop the CommCenter daemon and then dump the rom of the baseband using NORDumper and get the FLS file from Apple’s firmware image . Don’t forget to chmod 700 the iUnlock executable and off you go! Don’t forget to restart the CommCenter daemon…

Can’t wait to try it out myself…

MrViklund: AT&T and Apple have made an agreement and I think that people should respect that. But it seems like it’s a sport to hack every Apple product.

geekoid: It’s BEEN UNLOCKED!!!! Free!!! Check out the dev website.

dagamer34: Officially unlocked: http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page


kris33: A couple of IRC chans full of live action right now:

/server fusion.osx86.hu

/server London.UK.Eu.Undernet.Org

PabloMac: Pardon me; is this the line for free iPhone unlocks?

NsinU8: If the Iphonesimfree people werent so greedy and charged say $25 to unlock the phone nobody would really be anticipating this as much. Greedy bastards….. Steve Jobs cant issue a credit to the early adopters of this one.

Enuratique: Looks like some intrepid Diggers read my comments from a few days ago 😛


idean360: This is taking too long I was supposed to have my unlock code ready this morning… fucking iPSF never uploaded my IMEI…

Dohko_Xar: You waste $100 when you don’t learn to be patient.

arthurk: hacking is great. but what about some innovative software for iphone? for example VoIP for iPhone?

CasaMan: Sep 11 20:38:51 [geohot] guest184, keep explaining
Sep 11 20:39:30 [geohot] a0020410 is blank in the loader
Sep 11 20:39:36 [guest184] and if there NOTHING in flash file at that position – i repeat – that is IMHO – it accepts flashfile is valid
Sep 11 20:39:49 [guest184] of course, flash must be erased too
Sep 11 20:39:49 [geohot] wow, thats a big bug

lisapham: Sucks for those people who bought the $99 unlock software, what a slap in the face! This iPhone thing is causing a lot of trouble for everybody!


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