iPhone Software Unlock Works But It’s Not Universal

yokozukaThe famous iPhone Sim Free software unlock works great but it doesn’t work with all SIMs, as discovered tonight. So no, there’s still no universal software unlock for the iPhone yet.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

stabilo66: http://iphone.h18.ru/ It worx !!

stefanopolo: Confirmed DOES NOT WORK. I am a T-Mobile Customer. I have a mac. I deactivated the phone, jailbreak the phone and uploaded the SIMFREE.APP just like they told me how to do it. I unlocked the phone by running the app successfully but guess what, it does not work. IT still says that my sim card is invalid and i need to activate my phone through Itunes. The simfree app keeps telling me its unlocked but yet nothing. I have restored my phone and performed this process three times but guess what, Nothing. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE

stabilo66: the cheapest price here:


captain351: Whilst the iphone lock software seems to be available please be aware you have to provide your IMEI to an unknown source. This is information you should NEVER give up. My advice is wait for a method you can control. There are also plenty of good unlock methods out there which are not as expensive e.g a silver card costs about $9, In addition, it would appear the sofwtare is problematic from this discussion thread. Also I am just opposed to anyone who charges a fee for software they created using open source tools e.g you have to activate your phone first and no doubt the software unlock was obtained using the information which people freely provided via the various iphone development groups. Anyway it won’t be long before a free software method emerges so save your money and keep your private information safe.

TigerWalk: CONFIRMED: It does not unlock my ZUNE. what am I doing wrong…..heh heh heh

vinko: Has anyone tried this with carriers in Hong Kong? PCCW, Orange, Smartone-Vodafone, 3, etc.

funkytaco: What would Jesus do in IM?

Wang: Inaccurate

nunofgs: CONFIRMED. Doesn’t unlock my PowerBook.

DaviDaviDaviD: Anyone else really hate it when people show MSN conversations? TLDR 😉

Anyway, good to see that someone in the UK has unlocked it!

jonbon: You can already get iphones unlocked in Canada that work on Rogers/Fido. Check craiglist. I’ve seen working ones, and made calls. They’re available through hardware and software unlocks.

Software upgrading is still sketchy though.

CelineFan: I’ll wait for the price to drop even more..

PabloMac: Does anyone have info on how an unlocked iPhone works with T-Mobile’s data access? Is an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile only compatible with voice calls? Thanks!

techsmack: Buried, inaccurate as a fix has been issued.

akf2000: The customer in that article must be the only person in the UK with a working iPhone, just follow the scent of pussy to find him, sweet, sweet pussy.


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