iTunes Ringtones are Now Available!

UCBearcatsCrazy Frog and iPhone fans can at last rejoice, as iTunes is now providing ringtones, just as we reported last week. You know the drill: get a 30 seconds ringtone of some of the songs you already bought in the iTunes Music Store for an extra 99 cents.[…] Thanks to UCBearcats for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

patokeefe1: This works extremely well. I don’t even mind paying the extra 99 cents because I can’t seem to throw money at Apple fast enough anyways…

crackintosh: “Could not create ringtone. An unknown error occurred (-42165). there was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later”
No thanks, I tried once, now I’ll just make my own.

imsobored151: i forgot to say that crazy frog songs are not ringtone-able

imsobored151: its not an update, but 7.4.1 has alot of features that im just finding today.
anyone have any good ringtones made already. I need a good song or two.

Lyph5: I’m not seeing it. Is it in 7.4.2? Because that’s not out yet. 7.4.1 doesn’t have this option.

pixelmatrix: strange—only like 1/15th of my music is available for ringtones


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