Making the impossible possible: iPod Touch VOIP

Four20One of the very first questions that popped into my head after hearing, during the liveblog last week, that the iPod Touch had wireless capability was how soon the hackers would get wifi VOIP running on it. Michael over at the Apple Gazette had the same thought, and he’s even got a plan on how to do it. . .[…] Thanks to Four20 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

RadicalEdward: um yes there is… headsets with minijacks have 4 pins on them(right, left, mic, ground), headphones have 3(right, left, ground). you can’t just make a headphone jack into a headset jack with the headset. Why is everyone assuming the iPhone headphones will work in the touch?

The only way i can see usefull voip on the ipod touch is with a dock connector mic, or if there really is disabled bluetooth in it.

markwilcox: I do hope so. The iPhone won’t be in NZ till next year, and even then it’ll cost a fortune. I’ll be getting a touch in the next couple of weeks.


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