The iPod gets a makeover: a review of the iPod nano and iPod classic

EcstasyiPods iPods iPods! That was the theme of Apple’s September 5 event, titled “The Beat Goes On.” And as expected, what came out of the event was all sorts of iPod news: the shuffles got new colors, the iPod touch (touchscreen iPod) made its debut, and Apple updated its old standbys, the iPod classic and iPod nano. This review focuses on the latter[…] Thanks to Ecstasy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

warholsbluecat: Hopefully the menu lag will be repaired with a firmware update.

dcoxen: At 250 dollars for an 80 gB mp3 player, and 30 hours of battery life, the iPod Classic is a damn good purchase.


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