Apple changes mind, now says don’t hack iPhone.

HappyScrappySays 3rd party apps will “likely” (meaning surely) break with future updates. So much for the openness.[…] Thanks to HappyScrappy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

blackbrutha: Dont even trip. Native apps will continue to arrive on a daily basis and apple wont stop it.

Bigtimes: Congrats on the world’s biggest dumbass award.

teethman: I cant fucking use AT&T. No sale.

stockjones: Who needs it when I can maybe get my hands on the more feature rich iClone.

And no this is not fake its just as real as the Nokia Iphone clone

jebudas: This is totally ridiculous. Should apple go out of its way to make sure that hundreds of 3rd party apps dont break with every update they put out? If you think so, you dont know anything about programming. Or business.

mukund: apple is going EVIL. FOlloing the microsoft path i guess. But I know Apple Fanboys all over the digg wil burry my comment down. Everything apple does is good… regardless of it being good or bad…thats what digg think. 🙂
Way to go Apple. 🙂

TheKappa: Dear Apple: Lamesauce. I won’t be buying an iPhone until I know it can be hacked and stay hacked.

caponumen: The lack of an official system API should be the tip off kiddies……

superkendall: Apple is indifferent to hacks – they are just saying the system will undergo changes which will probably break hacks, and that Apple doesn’t want to have to check “hack compatibility” with every iPhone update.

What does it matter when the hackers have fixes out the same day as iPhone updates anyway?

over90000: This sure got buried quickly by the mac fanboys. They hate to see anything negative about Apple.

batmant: Apple never said “don’t hack your iPhone”. This is frustrates me to no end; Digg may have no editorial input but the submitters sure do!

nunomartins: Do you think the iphone has a killer design?? check this out

WestN: this is probably only because of the unlock that came out now.
If people unlocks there phones then apple won’t get any money from AT & T;)

frostieDude: If I were Apple, I would probably say “more than likely will break” which is the language that I believe they used. There are already a ton of 3rd party apps out there for iPhone which all rely on who knows what API. Apple cannot support either the user or the developer if they break those apps. And surely and the sun rises in the morning, every update apple does will break somebody’s app. Period.

If they had wanted to lock down the iPhone to prevent 3rd party developers from writing apps, there are means by which they could try. They are clearly not actively doing that. They are just trying to emphasize that you should not come crying to them when your 3rd party app breaks because of an update.

mrwiggles123: I WAS going to buy a 16 gig iPhone…


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