Apple Releases Logic Studio

jfinkeApple released Logic Studio today. Logic Studio features Logic Pro 8, and introduces a new live performace application called MainStage. Logic Studio also includes Soundtrack Pro 2, Apple’s professional audio post production software; Studio Instruments, made up of 40 pristine quality instruments; …[…] Thanks to jfinke for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

jacobfarenzi: The new low price of Logic Studio baffles the mind.
The cost of those 5 bundled Jam Packs alone is $495, if bought separately!

tibbon: nonchai-
I think most of us “professionals” agreed that we didn’t need more softsynths, sample packs, etc…
We needed better audio editing, better post features, etc.. All the stuff that they gave us. I don’t need another softsynth. I don’t even use them, just get decent hardware.

nonchai: i am underwhelmed. no change at all to the suite of Virtual instruments. EXS24 – still no change.
A lot of the rest is just catching up with the competition.
Cubase 4 has by far the most intuitive and good looking interface. Extremely “logical”.

I think a lot of L8 is window dressing. one good thing is geting rid of the dongle.

secondspassed: Logic Express 8 now has almost all the features of Logic Pro 8. You only get a few more plug-ins, surround sound, the other studio apps and more content for going to Logic Pro Studio. If I wasn’t already gonna upgrade to Logic Studio 8 for $200 I’d just buy Express.

McDavies: Give the software away and sell them the hardware. Nice. The profit is on the machines. This is a further an example of the Apple inc. strategy. Once you go mac, its harder to go back, consider the cost.

inkworkstattoo: Ive been using logic 7 since it came out…and was using 6 before that.

Can’t wait to get ahold of 8 ! The price is amazing for what you are getting.

Prod1gy: this is awesome news. i can’t wait to get my hands on it…and hopefully download it since of the removal of the dongle. 😡

diggerphelps: Wait a minute.
Apple lowered a price and the Fanbois are not storming the gates in Cupertino?
Oh, I get it. It’s OK to lower the price when it’s not something you can flaunt in public.
//Apple fan, BTW.

helloluke: The new logic icon is a platinum record, so thats what this program can make you!

hermes369: Now, try to write a ringtone for your iPhone using it. Lol.

Stark: logic express 8 is out now too (at $199)

cybertrader: I’m not gonna throw $500 on it! this is not new to the internet community! we have seen plenty of 3rd party solutions that can do better things than this shit bucket! buried this for pimping a useless apple shit.

representDLV: I’m sorry, but any audio engineer that takes himself seriously and wants to be taken seriously doesn’t use Logic


look at the bottom picture with the chord changes…IT’S FREEBIRD! nice easter egg!

staan: This is awesome. $500 is much more affordable, and Logic Express got a $100 price cut, too.


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