False Hacker Poses as iPhoneDevTeamUnlock Author, Tries to Grab $41,560

xdcdxTried to grab a $41,560 donation.[…] Thanks to xdcdx for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

strangePanda: What a cheeky little begger. Really good article, nice to see people like that get screwed outta their scam!

basye: The REAL STORY according to TUAW:

bharbhar: Whats so false about it. He rewrote 80% of it. Its his shit if you ask me.

StephenCIreland: his details :

23, Belfast,

David Harrison
Shamrock Court
Belfast, Northern Ireland BT6 8HT
United Kingdom

Floris: I believe this is the same user that comes to our chat channel, he’s always bragging about how rich he is, etc. His profile on my site also says he’s 23, from the UK, and writes his name with upper R. I didn’t fully trust him then, and certainly won’t do so now. I am considering banning him from my vbulletin-fans.com site now.

basye: I hope his tiny little dick rots off, and that he loses all that money and then some in a suit. Erica worked hard on that code and deserves the credit for her efforts.

livevil: Erica Sadun get on a GPL license. GPL3 preferably and you can have better control over your code.

djtrypt: is anyone else sick of reading newsarticles about the overpriced phone which 99.9% of the worlds population doesn’t have

Urusai: Only one way to write UI code in Objective C? I guess it’s not Turing-complete. A corollary of Turing completeness is that there are infinite ways to do the same thing, most of which are going to be sub-optimal, of course.

secretivecoward: I would have stopped believing he was a hacker right about here:
“i dono what 50,000 AUD is ;-)”

According to Google Calculator, 50 000 Australian dollars = 41 360 U.S. dollars. Dollar just keeps falling.

skyfire1: Is that like a false lie?

mymate: mmm i live near belfast, ill kick his ass as soon as someone sends me contact information

womz: Donation?

Randinn: Some needs to post Harro’s personal info.

Proctor: All this iPhone unlocking stuff is overrated.


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