How to Make Custom IPhone Ringtones Without Paying Apple $2

MrBabyManApple started selling iPhone ringtones for $2 apiece through its iTunes store last week, but if you aren’t afraid of a little tinkering, you can get that “Hey Ya” or “Sexy Back” ringtone without shelling out the extra bucks.[…] Thanks to MrBabyMan for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

goodoldharris: If I own a vinyl record player and own Dark Side of the Moon and train a monkey to play a particular part of “Brain Damage” everytime my doorbell rings, am I legally required to get a seperate license? Screw that. I bought the record and can play whatever 30 portion of “Brain Damage” whenever I want and as many times as I want. People should really use free ringtones and refuse to pay music companies for this crap. Because the longer this paying for ringtones thing goes on, the more it will seem to make sense. And BTW, Apple gets hardly any of the $2 and would not care in the least if ringtones were given away for free. It’s not a secret that it’s the labels who make this shit up and are pushing for people to accept it. Don’t let them rob you.

allaboutdatiki: It’s whack-a-mole!


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