iPhone Ringtones – What Did iTunes 7.4.1 really do?

cleverboyLast Friday morning, on September 7th, I accidentally came across a procedure that allowed anyone to create a ringtone and have iTunes sync it to their iPhone. I just found YET ANOTHER way to create iTunes compatible ringtones. This method may possibly be the LAST WORD on this topic.[…] Thanks to cleverboy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

sonobol: I’m NEVER updating from 7.4 – Heh…. Good luck!
How hard to make “iPod/iPhone support” framework and make it separate from iTunes? You know what bothers me most? There is actual kernel extension (module/device driver) installed with these updates all the time. Why should I have a kernel extension of a device I have no intention to buy?
i’ll write something to automate it, but really this is a great fix. koodos
🙂 – Very funny!

CelticWarrior: I’m NEVER updating from 7.4

Once i read 7.4.1 broke the free ringtones, i haven’t updated.

Apple can suck it. .

h3smith: i am using this and it works perfect if anyone is “on the fence” about it

i’ll write something to automate it, but really this is a great fix. koodos

Leefa: xanga still exists?!?

cl0r0x70: At the end of the day, people who are talented and hard working enough will ALWAYS be able to circumvent any kind of DRM and other restrictions on digital devices and content.

For most people, tho, 99 cents for a ringtone is a decent value vs. going through the trouble of editing binary files.

ilgaz: Apple should really start to move to modular iTunes, iPhone/iPod framework, I am really really beginning to get SICK of downloading/installing such huge updates because couple of guys made ringtones free.
I don’t have iPod/iPhone, I am not thinking of buying one and likely I downloaded like 1 GB of data past 4 years because of iPod updates… iTunes is a system installed application and the updates are sometimes branded as “security updates”, you feel urged to install them in case of whatever happens. You install, sometimes you have to reboot since some Apple Developers doesn’t know kextunload feature of their own OS and it turns out to be a new iPod shipped and you wasted all that bandwidth/boot to get support for some new iPod.
How hard to make “iPod/iPhone support” framework and make it separate from iTunes? You know what bothers me most? There is actual kernel extension (module/device driver) installed with these updates all the time. Why should I have a kernel extension of a device I have no intention to buy?

gybona: i made a dropplet: http://www.iphone-ticker.de/2007/09/13/download-video-klingeltone-mit-ringrong/

hillie: This is a really good article and it’s a pretty cool hack but you’re still locked into putting your ringtones in iTunes. I for one don’t see a need to, because the only purpose of checking the “Sync ringtones” checkbox in the iTunes iPhone sync prefs is if you’re going to pay 99 cents to make your own ringtones.
I paid $200 for Soundtrack Pro, so why am I gonna pay 99 cents to take songs I already own and make them into ringtones when I can just use Soundtrack Pro (or Audacity for you users who haven’t bought SP).
It just doesn’t make any sense to me. To me uploading ringtones is as easy as WinSCP. Is that so hard for end users? I installed App Tapp on the phone, and then installed OpenSSH. I think it’s a lot easier than all this work to just enable your custom ringtones to fit into the iTunes “scheme.”
It’s the same with photos. I don’t want my photos to have to be in iPhoto to use them, which is why I am going to set them to be in a seperate folder and not use iPhoto (you can do that now in iTunes, you couldn’t before).
When I take pics with my camera phone I like them to be easily movable. iPhoto inherently cripples your ability to quickly move multiple photos around, and if your library becomes big it’s a nightmare. I mean ultimately you should be able to move photos around WITHOUT using iTunes to sync them to a folder. Yeah you can move the camera roll around, but everything else is in a stupid database format, but that’s segwaying a bit.

mickman17: a much simpler way for windows…. easy as pie – assumes you are starting with mp3and preferences in iTunes is set to import as aac – Not my idea – found it yesterday and works like a charm.
“1 copy the file u want to make a ringtone into itunes (i put it into a playlist for ease)
2 right click it and convert to aac file
3 goto your documents and settings(whatever ur username thingy is mine is davis.jakedavis)my documentsmy musicitunesitunes music(artist of the song)whatever ur song name is right click and rename it changing file extention to .m4r
4 double click on it or open with and play with itunes … this puts it into ringtone folder
5 close itunes
6 back in the directory from step 3 change the name of the file back to .m4a 7 open itunes, goto ringtone section (not on the iphone) play it
8 now it asks if u wanna look for the file … say yes and find the file u changed back to .m4a in step 6 (for me it was already in the correct folder) 9 sync ( i got a couple can not sync msgs to iphone but i think that was from the many attempts trying to get it to work for me, but it worked)”

RMcElveen: Finally, I now have all of my old ringtones I created on iPhone. Great, easy hack. Let’s just all pray that Apple lets this one slide under the radar.

historyfool24: Xanga? who uses Xanga?………
other then this guy

scrawl0522: I’ll tell you what it did. It failed halfway though the upgrade and now I have to reinstall and recreate the playlist I use to sync my 80G iPod.

My apologies. Needed to vent.


tkhere: I made a simple GUI batch converter for AtomicParsley. Just select all the files you want and convert. See it at my post: http://tkhere.blogspot.com/2007/09/iringz-tonez-for-your-iphonez.html

dongiaconia: Sorry, it removed all the backslashes so I couldn’t edit it an get them all in there fast enough… you need them also for the path in this line (“k:[REPLACE WITH BACKSLASH]iTunes[REPLACE WITH BACKSLASH]Ringtones*.m4r”)
And don’t forget to update this line to actually match the path on your system.

dongiaconia: If you already have been using the m4a->m4r trick, here is a little bit of crude code to get all your files converted. If you go to your itunesRingTones folder, and extract the files from Atomic parsley there, like this: K:iTunesRingtonesAtomicParsley-win32-0.9.0 inside the Atomic Parsley folder create 2 batch files, one called MakeAllRingtones.bat and one called MakeOneRingTone.bat

@echo off mkdir ..[REPLACE WITH BACKSLASH]output
FOR %%c in (“k:iTunes BackupRingtones*.m4r”) DO call makeoneringtone.bat “%%c”

AtomicParsley.exe %1 –stik value=14
@echo move new file to output folder

and then execute the MakeAllRingtones.bat file, it will take everything in your folder and set the stik value to 14, then it moves the ‘temp’ file that it created into ringtonesoutput. Now you just need to add the files from the output folder back into iTunes. NOTE: If you don’t move the temp file that gets created, it will run forever (till you CTRL-C it) because the outputted file will also get picked up in the for loop in subsequent iterations. I’m a bit too tired and lazy to make it do anything more, but if it doesn’t work for you, let me know… PS: Backup your files first! Oh yea, and I’m not responsible if anything gets deleted. 😛


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