Parallels Desktop 3.0 Feature Update “really, really fast”

obeezyParallels has now officially released the Feature Update for Desktop 3.0, with all the goodies you’ve heard about over the past few weeks. Coherence with Exposé, OS X home folders as “My Documents,” and less RAM usage… oh my![…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

cwcentral: Nah, I just switched back to 3 laptops:
Mac- for KeyNote 3.0
Windows- for MS Visual Studio
Linux- for everything else

Neither crash and they all run pretty quick & consistent IMO. Do I use all 3 at the same time–usually no, so it works out great.

Fl4sh: Suddenly I can’t launch games and it thinks that my XP is not genuine, which it is. Not worth the update.

paradexes: Use VMware converter. I think it should be able to do the job. I am not sure if it is free tho. It is a little cludgy. I would not be surprised if VMware came out with some import tool seeing this exists already. Guess time will tell and the demand. Might want to press VMware on their forums about it.

Linh: I’d jump to Fusion, but I paid for the 3.0 upgrade before I found out about the pre-order vmware deal… that and fusion beta was not good for me.

I demo’d it now, and it has improved vastly, but copying to an NTFS external drive was impossible (large copy, 20GB). Fusion crashed hard. Parallels was slow, but it worked.

I’ll still probably switch to fusion one day, but for now, I’ll just use what I have paid for (it’s not like I use it often anyway)

epall: My VM on Parallels started locking up during startup and eventually kernel panicking. When I tried to create a new VM, the XP install repeatedly kernel panicked half way through the process. Parallels support had two answers: reinstall Parallels, and if that doesn’t work, format the Mac. I’ve switched to VMWare, and it’s most definitely faster than Parallels 2.0.

neondiet: I’m interested in making the jump from Parallels to Fusion too. But I’m not sure how I go about getting my OS installs out of Parallels and into Fusion. Some of them are quite customised and having to re-install from scratch would be a major pain in the ass. Anyone done this already and can recommend a workable solution?

RyomaNagare: Personally i had nothing but problems with fussion, granted its probably because i have only 1 gig ram but still upon installing it felt much better, faster and responsive, but as time went by it became increasingly slower, it took about 40 secs to resume from sleep, and a lot more to boot, also it was really really unstable with autocad 2006 running, the shared folders where a nightmare, i had to manually edit an ini in order to get sound, and so on and so forth.

parallels is a little slower and uses more ram when idle, but it runs the apps i need better, and that’s all that matters to me.
Speaking of parallels the new v build is faster and responsive, the CPU usage has really been lowered.
and the app start is fast as it can be.

in My experience parallels is better.
Just wanted to make clear that fussion is not the best solution for everyone, depends on the use and software you need from your VM

Stonekeeper: If people are comparing technologies, I’ll throw in that Virtual Box ( ) is a nice choice. It’s free, faster than vmware (in my limited test cases) and now sports a coherence mode.

Twee: I don’t want to shell out the extra cash to purchase VMWare Fusion, so I’m stuck with using Parallels and Boot Camp.

websyndicate: yea Im not looking back ever when it comes to Parallels

colincornaby: “Coherence with Exposé” You mean like VMWare Fusion has done for months?

seanneko: From a VMWare Fusion user, does Parallels 3.0 have the bug* where overlapping applications in Windows will be drawn incorrectly when using Expose? That’s really my only criticism of Fusion – otherwise it does exactly what I want and expect.

* Yes, I know that it’s a technical limitation more than a bug, but there are ways to fix it.

MikeCerm: Which one will let me virtualize Mac on my PC? That’s what I’m waiting for. That, or a quad-core Mac with 4GB of RAM for under $1000. I’m not holding my breath.

shieldss: Does it finally support Vista Aero? For that matter, does VMWare?

OrangeTide: I don’t get it. Parallels 2.x runs like a champ for me. Although I’m running win2K not XP (or Vista! omg)

This might make my coworkers at VMWare cringe but I prefer Parallels, because it seems to be more compatible with various “strange” OSes than Fusion is. Fusion is probably the better product for running Vista though, but I don’t really use Windows other than to occasionally test my cross compiled apps on win2k to see if the code works well enough to commit to svn/cvs/perforce/git.


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