The Odds a Firmware Update Will Relock Your iPhone: Very High

mklopezJust a word of caution in case Apple decides to release an iPhone firmware update, say… tomorrow —or next week or whenever: if you have a software-unlocked iPhone, don’t update until it gets confirmed that the unlock is not affected. All software unlocks are vulnerable to Apple’s firmware updates, say the Dev Team.[…] Thanks to mklopez for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

stealthboy: I think people are trying to make Apple look like they are being evil and will actively destroy efforts of the unlocks… I think the case is just a simple one of Apple not being in control of the third-party apps, so why in the world should they try to make sure they work with any future updates? Apple will no doubt be changing things for a while on the iPhone, and it’s not their responsibility to make sure hacks continue to work.

Hoshnasi: To all those who said “Apple doesn’t care if the iPhone gets unlocked”. Realize Apple is a worldwide corporation that has signed a contract with AT&T. If you think that the contract doesn’t make ANY stipulation on how the phone is to be locked your -one, Crazy. or two, fooling yourself into believing a wireless phone company wouldn’t be looking afters its proprietary agreement on iPhone usage.

Lets the hack wars begin!


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