The story behind iUnlock: the first free, open iPhone SIM unlock software

FameMoneyIf you’re like us, you’re furiously unlocking every iPhone in sight at the moment, but what you might not know is the story behind the hack. It all started Monday when iPhoneSIMfree was finally released.[…] Thanks to FameMoney for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

BullyAlert: We published an article on iPhone Unlocking Software here for more ‘website’ rlated news visit

nunomartins: Do you think the iphone has a killer design?? check this out

funkytaco: I’ll be posting my how-to later at

dk911: I’m just glad I’m not one of the losers that just HAD to spend $600 for a phone (a fu*king phone!!!) and then $100 for a way to use it on another network. I got mine for $29.00 and it does what the iPhone does… IT MAKES CALLS!

woot4fun: download at
I can now take my iPhone with me to Italy next month!! Yes!

trouble916: I just did this, and can confirm it works… but it’s certainly not an elegant solution. If you can go a few days without unlocking, I suspect somebody will make a package as elegant as the commercial solution. This is not for newbies currently.

Awesome work! Glad the dev team came through! Those guys rock!


The people who paid for the unlock aren’t even getting it, instead they are getting the free version mentioned here! Talked about getting screwed…remember folks, credit card chargeback is your friend.

secretivecoward: Glad the iPhone has finally been unlocked by the iPhone Dev Team. Now hopefully this will be the last of the iPhone unlocking articles on Digg.

For those who paid the $100, try disputing it on your credit card.

JesusDeluxe: Lame Article Summary: 4 paragraphs on how some guys work really really hard but were ultimately failures. followed up with 2 paragraphs about the real winners unlocking it.

No one cares about who ALMOST did what. The iphone is thankfully unlocked and sorry but your failed attempts will be left out of the history books.

exomni: As long as there are unreasonable restrictions, there will be hacks to get by those unreasonable restrictions.

gn0stik: So, the question I have about all of this iPhone hacking is: Since verizon (my providor) uses no SIM at all, and are pure CDMA, can an iPhone be made to work on their network? If so, how would one go about activating it?

I just wish someone would enable the GPS in the blackberry 8830. Verizon is by far the best providor in my area, however I hate their corporate extorsion of thier customers.

rogerbly: nice! I assume every time iTunes updates the iphone firmware, the hack must be reapplied. There’s probably some legal term in the ATT-Apple agreement that requires Apple to take reasonable technical counter measures to unlock hacks.

ShitISayIsBelow: Now I shall buy an iPhone

Egoist: Why I don’t read Engadget: 50 links in the article, and not a single one pointing outside of their own site. What a worthless waste of time.

hoppdawg: Looks like Apple may meet that 10 million iphone target after all…


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