Why a Million iPhone Sales In 74 Days Is Better Than You Think

CLIFFosakaJAPANThe iPhone has already proved most of the pundits wrong. If they want to claim that Apple didn’t meet their expectations, that’s fine. But any business writer or analyst who claims that selling a million units of a completely new product at an average price of $575 in a little over two months “isn’t a good number” just is trolling for traffic[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

fraul: There’s no way to hold the iPhone success at this new price.
Along with unblocking software of course.

xoineg: Everyone i know wants an Iphone, the main reason they have not gotten one is cause it was 600, now most of them are getting one. I think apple just wants the market share, imagine 10 millions iPhone users, apple will have another way to attract more people to the mac.

Ireland: That was a refreshing article on the iPhone, first time in a while.

People (well analysts anyway) see Apple’s lowering of the iPhone’s price as a weak move, they presume demand is low; “that must be why they did it”. I think demand is high though, you can feel the buzz for the iPhone. It’s just that the majority of people who desperately want it to be their next phone weren’t prepared to $599 for it, and a good number couldn’t even afford to spend $599 on a phone. We’ll see by early next year, but at $399 I smell a sales explosion for the iPhone coming this Christmas.

EPeters: Everyone forgets that the iPod was a slow-go in the beginning as well (due mostly to it’s Mac exclusivity). As soon as Sony, Google, and Microsoft come out with their phones, these products will sell faster.


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