Apple “Mum is no longer the word” press event 18 September

macbotWord on the high street is that Apple is holding a press briefing at their Regent Street Apple store on September 18th. The invites are circulating as we speak to various members of the UK press. That’s not exactly the biggest of venues for a 3G iPhone launch for Europe but who knows? Really, does anybody know?[…] Thanks to macbot for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

akatsuki: O2 gets the iPhone. That is all.

Johndrin: buuuty hell (British accent)

shoook: 3 words: Edge Blows Hard

blackfeathers: re:”mum is no longer the word” dad / dud / pops / father is the word.

kittnerrules: This is uninteresting and stupid.

sudsandsoda: the apple website sais…

Due to a private event, the store will be closed on Tuesday September 18th until 4.00 pm. We apologise for any inconvenience.

thats 6 whole hours… better be summat good!

luxette: You’d think they would save the big stuff for the Apple Expo the following week.
My assumption is that this event will be something UK-centric.

tarz4n: “Mum is no longer the word” i think of this as “now you can speak” = iPhone in Europe

Yuusharo: I strongly believe we will see the official iPhone release as well as information on the carrier. It may or not be 3G, but one thing I’m certain of is we will NOT see a release of a 3G phone in the US this year. The Apple lineup for the US market is pretty much set for the Christmas season. Besides, its not consistent with Apple to release more than one version of a product at the same time. They like things to be kept simple.

digitallysick: Iphoneshuffle

AHardDaysNight: I’m not saying there won’t be a Beatles announcement, but I have reliable info that there is a Europe iPhone announcement

LeonardNimrod: Despite my desire for a 3G iPhone, I’ve been contemplating the facts of this late announcement. Here are the facts and the only possble conclusion…

• Venue is ONLY in London Apple Store
• Press only
• Less than one week notice
• Paris-Expo in 2 weeks

This is going to be the release of videos on iTunes Store UK. Nothing less;nothing more.

tilezzzzz: I think it will be about the IPhone for Europe (Giving it a release date) – and I think it will probably be the exact same version as in the US.
This was posted in the comments of the engadget story….

“I work at the store and we’ve been given 50 or so boxes to keep secure, haven’t got a clue whats in them though, but they’re under CCTV pretty much 24/7”

If thats true, it prety much rules out anything to do with the beatles (why would they need that many boxes to announce some beatles deal?), and All the IPod stuff has already been anounced, No point bringing out any different versions just for Europe.

So in brief, Europe Iphone Launch, no 3G. (Obviousley just a guess 🙂 )

SilverRocket: Say the word, and you’ll be free. Say the word, and be like me. Say the word, love.

protogenxl: Haven’t you heard? The Bird is the word.


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