First iPod Touch Review @ PCMag

schwigsWhen the iPhone came out in June, many people (myself included) loved it, but wanted it without the phone—and that pesky two-year contract with AT&T Wireless. I’m no Luddite, but I don’t want my personal media player to ring in the middle of a song.[…] Thanks to schwigs for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

clasp: Is it too much to hope for another immediate price drop from Apple?

HumanRecall: Yes -7 diggs you fucking sheep fuckers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uidzero: Why is PC mag saying the Ipod has a slightly better screen and Engadget saying the Iphone has the slightly better screen?

amiller311: “I don’t want my personal media player to ring in the middle of a song.”

I’m pretty sure you can turn the phone off for those times you simply want to listen to music or watch a movie without being interrupted. The two-year contract from ATT is another story though…

jdowney: looks like they are disabling the bluetooth feature, not that big of a deal as it seems like it will be either a future firmware update or a nex gen feature. For most people 16gb is just fine, but just like the first generations of regular ipod with hdd the next generations of the ipod touch will really be awsome.

ViperX116: I would still like to know how the music controls would work if the player is in your pocket or something. Would it be easy/not easy to control? Do I need to look at the screen to touch the right icons?

TTURabble: I read the part about double clicking the home button to bring up the music controls over any other screen, I hope they update the firmware on the iPhone to include this.

Sounds like a neat little device for the people who don’t want the iPhone (ATT contract and whatnot) I’m quickly becoming an apple convert.

cacoe: “Touching it will pour scalding hot coffee onto your lap. Just kidding”

LOL! He almost got me!

ThankTheCheese: anyone know if the earphones have the special iPhone squeeze to pause/skip feature? The article mentions the earphones briefly, but does not mention this.

quehegan: get an archos 605 wifi. better then any ipod product.

davidrossiii: no calendar event editing means i’m not buying it

RealHyperX: Why so much apple hate lately?

starexplorer: A quick preview from HowStuffWorks on how the iPod Touch Works.

digitalelite: poopshits?!

HumanRecall: Hell my Archos 402 Cam ( as in camcorder and camera ) with 20 gig hard drive is just as good as this and i bought it 2 yrs ago Xmas past for $320,1759,1869797,00.asp

or dish Pocket


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