iPhone now software unlocked in 32 countries and 69 carriers

imon247With the European and Asian iPhone rollouts still months away, is it any wonder to find the little guy venturing out on the mean, GSM streets all on his own? According to a list compiled by the iPhone Dev Team, the iPhone software unlock has now been tested to work in 32 countries and 69 national carriers.[…] Thanks to imon247 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

toetagger: Either way, Apple and the various carriers make a ton of money… our little shenanigans just comes with the territory.

shoook: It’s funny because in America, (where I’d guess 90% of the current iPhone market is) there is only one other compatible provider… “Yes! I’m finally free from the oppressive rule of AT&T to switch over to… T-Mobile, which still requires a contract but they have Starbucks hotspots!”

nguyenht: I have done the iphonesimfree unlock and it works. http://ecommerceforhotels.blogspot.com/2007/09/iphone-activated-and-unlocked.html
What all this hype above misses out about 31 countries and crap is that IPHONES are only sold by AT&T and Apple IN THE UNITED STATES. There is a limit as to how many iphones can leave this country at RETAIL prices and be resold for much, much higher in another country commercially. Apple is controlling the stock, man….they are the drug dealers, the wholesellers and the drug traffickers all rolled into one – oh yeah, they also control the coccaine production as well.

ahawks: Curious, can anyone who has unlocked an iPhone and put it on another network tell me:

What features still work?
Maps, mail, stocks, visual voicemail?

I’m sure some of it is tied specifically to AT&T? At least the voice mail?

ggeiger: anyone else get this to work for windows cuz so far this has been a royal pain in the ass

sambam: When will carriers change to universal GSM just so that they can support the iPhone?

mrchin: Great! That and the 16GB iPod Touch is available at the Apple Stores. Just picked mine up. Amazingly thin and, ooh, musics store.

Munceenuts: lol@69

Canuck: I have to question the accuracy of the list of carriers. They show that Telus in Canada is available, but Telus is on CDMA, not GSM.

shootsfired: I wouldn’t mind switching to AT&T but their plans are a rip-off.

jpincheira: Yeah, that’s great. Here in Chile it works flawlessly. Really, the iPhone is a worldwide product, just as the iPod Touch.

praveenpious: Yep, its working with Airtel, Hutch (Vodafone), Idea and BSNL… I am speaking of GSM providers in India…

phantom_mullet: Too bad Vodafone doesn’t own more of Verizon, since Vodafone would probably have switched Verizon over to GSM. I heard awhile back that Vodafone almost bought AT&T Wireless, but Cingular outbid them. Shame, cause I am not a big fan of the two GSM big guns here in the states…ah well.

MrViklund: AT&T and Apple have made an agreement and I think that people should respect that. But it seems like it’s a sport to hack every Apple product.

atb12688: What these corporations fail to realize is that opening up their products would give them the same amount of profit, or in the case of the iPhone, a significant amount of additional profit. I’d like to think that SJ wants people to unlock the iPhone but somehow i don’t believe that.


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