Red Bull Volume Widget for Apple Dashboard

redbullnateA great song just popped on shuffle through iTunes. Need to crank it up… to 11? Or, maybe you don’t want the boss to hear that new episode of “Ask A Ninja” you’re checking out…Just click and crush the can to squash the volume and turn it down, then expand the can back to full height to blast it again![…] Thanks to redbullnate for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

davemorin: awesometown

felchdonkey: Or you could just use the volume keys on your keyboard, which doesn’t require you to interact with a freakin’ advertisement for Red Bull.

Thanks for the spam, though.

sudoYota: this helps me release some stress while at the office! Crushing a can and making my co-workers wonder what the sound is… VERY NICE!

Ireland: Can auto-crushes for me?

schrunk: Dope widget!

joep218: Yeah right, bazooka is the BOMB. Redbull the bomb as well. Vodka anyone!!!

streak: yech. Red Bull tastes like bazooka bubble gum.


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