The real story behind the iPhone unlock GUI drama

dcconzThere has been bit of drama today around the iPhone unlock program written (in part) by our own Erica Sadun. Lots of rumors are flying around, and lots of folks have it almost right. But none of them knows the real story. And since Sadun works for us, we have kind of an inside track on what really happened.[…] Thanks to dcconz for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

fileptr: Fuck ATT, Fuck Apple, Fuck Steve jobs. Can’t they make a phone which just works anywhere???

xiambax: I was oneof the first people HaRRo sent the .pxl file too. I still use it today. works great. Dramatic yes. but meh. not my problem.

arjunprabhu: what a mess!

Phlebus: Why do people seem to think they are immune on the net ? Everyone knows everyone in those types of forums, dumb is a good word for him… And no I’m not interested in the I-phone in the least, but that’s not the meat of this thread, it’s about free Interweb for all. (don’t you just feel fluffy now 😛 ?? )

toetagger: Seems somebody is due a “knee capping”.

clackerd: David Harrison: douchebag savant

i4ybrid: For US users of the iPhone, WHY would you want to unlock the iPhone? So you can use it on the even-worse-than-AT&T T-Mobile??? Why would you go through all this effort to go from a service provider lots of people are complaining about (AT&T) to an even worse (IMO) provider, T-Mobile? WHY???

BobOki: Well, I guess even the decent users Apple attracts will still get a turd now and again. To think that one user could actually drag a Jesus phone through mud….
I can understand tourture, unjust wars, moron presidents, burning kids in microwaves, but to put drama in the iphone scene…. I am ashamed.

*Edit* the above is a joke…. this is a preemptive explination becuase I already know some diggtard is banging away at his keyboard a wonderful message of hate ;P

newbill123: When the article claims “we have kind of an inside track on what really happened.” I was expecting some comment by the grifter himself. Instead it merely relays the perspective of one of the code’s authors. Further, it was precisely because Erica was out of the loop about the ways her code was being used that created the opening for the fraudster to start his con. Does a person who’s had their car stolen have an “inside track” on the car thief or even the theft itself?
I like TUAW and respect Erica’s coding skills, but as it stands the article just attempts to straighten out a few facts about code authorship that bloggers & journalists have been too hurried or careless to corroborate themselves.

Uberpussy: Drama and the Apple crowd…..I simply can’t believe it…


jetrocket: drama? really?

legendxx: we need the britney spears guy to make a video about this asap

y2kbg: You make I see like important news by the way you worded things….

FinestCall: I, for one, welcome our SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THE IPHONE NEWS ALREADY overlord.


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