Apple iPhone Store Credit

natedouglasIt’s now up and running, but apparently unannounced. “If you bought your iPhone before August 22, you may be eligible for an instant $100 electronic credit toward the purchase of products at the Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. See the terms and conditions below for more details. To receive your credit, follow these three easy…”[…] Thanks to natedouglas for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

haroldbaquet: I’m trying to use my Store Credit on line. When I select my purchase and log onto the site, the next step is credit selection; there is no place to enter the Apple Credit number or PIN. There are buttons for various credit cards, but no place to enter the my Apple Store Credit info. is there a problem?

jasoncdennis: Steve Jobs’ goodwill measure may lesson the sting a little, but will trust be restored prior to Apple’s next product launch?

Jayeveryday: Worked for me purchased a new wireless keyboard

trouble916: Refurbished 2nd gen Nano 4 gig = $139.
Brand new chubby Nano 4 gig = $149.
/me is con-fuzzed… and still wish the iPhone supported the Nike+ dongle.

digitallysick: I used my store credit to buy the Aliph Bluetooth Headset, it was $129.00 after tax, so i used my 100, and about 29bux out of my own pocket, which is really expensive, but i hope that noise canceling features are worth it.

drwhitt: Got it. Spent it.

otbeverly: This will go towards my purchase of an iMac later this month when they release Leopard. Good-bye Windows world, hello Mac!

dwelter: I’m still feeling a $100. sting BUT… this kept me in the Apple fold, just a little smarter about when to buy the next latest and greatest Apple product.
No other company would refund store credit after admitting a mistake. And hopefully, whatever marketing genius implemented the 60 day 34% price drop is looking for another job right now.

hayden.evans: I’m not so lucky. i got my iphone the night it came out, only to realize that the touchscreen didn’t work. so i sent it in to get it replaced by apple, and sure enough, it came 4 days later. unfortunately, the phone they sent as a replacement also didn’t work due to the fact that it could not activate its own sim card. I went to apple first and they said go to at&t. so i went to at&t and they said go to apple. i was pushed back and forth for 3 weeks and finally the issue was resolved by at&t activating the phone on their own server without me using itunes. now when i went to get my store credit it says i am not eligible because the phone belongs to apple, most likely because it is a replacement. this really sucks and i am not impressed at all. actually I’m rather disgusted at the service i had, and if you ask me, i am WAY MORE than eligible for this store credit.

diggingaround: Steve is a genius!!! … Not only that he bent over his Apple fan boys and screw them over (without lubricant) for $600… but he actually made them spend even MORE money by offering them a $100 Apple store credit… Now you go to the store and ad a little bit more of your money to buy something that you may actually need or use… not to mention the real manufacturing cost of Apple merchandise… think about it. He is a true genius!!!

shampoovta: Now let me get this strait. You got the Iphone for like 600$ they give you back 100$ in store credit which you spend on more Apple stuff just because you have the money, hens the comment “what will I buy?” at the top. Meanwhile back at the ranch some people have gotten 200$ cash back from there cards. You have like what, 5 days to get the refund of 200$ from Apple if you got your phone Sep.22 or something? Also who will spend more than the 100$ credit when they go to the Apple store? This is thinking different! Any body want to buy a Ibridge ?

MrFoof82: Mine’s currently pending.
When I went to activate, I couldn’t transfer my old number over since it was in a different exchange. So I had to call AT&T and had the number manually ported. It was ported before the end of the evening.
However the store credit redeemer will only send the access code to the old number (which I had for a total of 5 hours on July 1st). Waiting for Apple to manually send me an access code.

mgabrys: “unannounced”?

It’s on the frigging front door of! How much more “announced” do you need it? Does a paid-for-in-advance Apple-branded prostitute need to knock on your apartment and start giving you a blow-job while tapping “your rebate is ready” in morse-code on your crotch?

Actually – that would be kind of nice…

kevwalker: Hey guys and gals, if you purchase physical iTunes Gift Cards (not gift certificates) through the Apple Store online, you can enter a credit card number as well as your store credit information in order to redeem your credit for iTunes purchases. What happens is your store credit gets charged before your credit card does, and then all you have to do is wait for the physical cards to arrive in the mail in order to use them. A loophole for now, as the rep. I talked to about this over the phone was adamant about “no exceptions”. Enjoy while it lasts!

hippomille: This is not news. Apple obviously pays some tribute economic to diggs operators. Oh, and you are all sheeples!


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