Hands On: iTunes WiFi Music Store

MrBabyManOne new feature that came with the announcement of the iPod Touch is the iTunes WiFi Music Store. Aside from the limited interaction we had with it at the Apple event on September 5, we got our first real crack at it today. All in all, its pretty great, but there are a few things that make us shake our head.[…] Thanks to MrBabyMan for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

tmcdigg: p2p client apps such as direct connect, limewire, bittorrent, open-nap need to be made
to put the ITUNES profit machine where it belongs…. going out of business.

willynilly: “Tunes Plus is available via the Wi-Fi store. You have to have iTunes Plus activated on the computer you sync with”

Typical, backward-ass iTunes bullshit. Theoretically, you don’t EVER have to sync with a computer. Why on earth would this Web-site option be dependent on some computer that you sync with?

The iTunes developers are among the worst designers in software today.

biocandy: ….. loading….. ……. still loading……

Rethcir: I still prefer the Wifi to my PC Bittorrent

FlyingSpaghetti: “you should laser print “I’m a moron” on our forehead”

On our forehead? So I guess you bought one also.

Terminaltor: Stop comparing the Zune and the ipod touch, I’s like comparing Rosie and Angelina Jolie. The ipod in its worst days is better than the Zune in its best days.
You bought a Zune ? you should laser print “I’m a moron” on our forehead..

KilGil27: “my gun go off”?
no wonder Kanye won

FearlessFreep: OK, when the Zune came out, the Zune supporters were trumpeting WiFi as something the Zune had that the iPod did not. The iPod supporter’s response was that eventually the iPod woul dhave WiFi and it would be ‘better’ (more useful, whatever…) than the Zune’s WiFi

So…now that the iPod Touch is out with WiFi for downloading music…where do we stand?

greevar: I hate touch screens, but I digg the WiFi store. If only MS got their heads out of their collective asses and did this first! It seems like they don’t even care about the Zune anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Zune. If they would just use the existing hardware to make it what is SHOULD be (i.e. WiFi store, wireless syncing, etc.), they would have really had something.

evilpettingzoo: Why has this not been enabled on the iphone yet??!!

adambeta: Is there any idea on when this will come out for the iPhone?

adml_shake: Turn on the blue tooth!

mikev: I thought the iPod Touch didn’t have a speaker? That sounded a lot better than my iPhones speaker at full volume…

Brereton55: Podcasts and videos please!


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