How Apple Had to Backtrack on Ringtones

gbreedAt one point, Apple was all set to let their customers create their own ringtones for the iPhone. Then the RIAA found out and put a stop to it, according to Daniel Dilger at Roughly Drafted on Friday.[…] Thanks to gbreed for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

sonobol: Someone explain to me how on a $600 phone, the task of customizing a simple ringtone becomes rocket science? – here i see only for 500 u.e. but want 600!

RossPelton: Well, that again leaves pirated ringtones the alternative. RIAA misses the boat yet again.

doc99: the worst thing is, I could dat with my Nokia N95, or my V3i or almost any fucking fone, nd I can download Ringtones for free! So why the fuck do the RIAA have to get involved, once AGAIN.

Ma5t3r_Chi3f: Not sure if this has been mentioned, but can’t the artist record a ring tone from scratch (based on one of their songs, but not cut from) and sell it as their own personal property on their website?

robdazomba: Apple clearly didn’t want to pick a fight over something they don’t see as terribly important to most users and I think that was a good decision. I’d rather they bloody their knuckles in the next fight over price increases which will inevitably come as the RIAA dogs start sniffing the cash in the air.
What will be most telling is whether or not Apple tries to clamp down on the third party tools and hacks already coming out that allow ringtones to be generated in other, non-approved ways. I suspect Apple won’t fight too hard against that.

digitallysick: Every stop complaining, best thing to do is go here and use this program on your iphone, it will open the doors to everything you could ever want, nes emulator, changing the dock, your own mp3 ring tones (full song) etc, don’t even waste your time with ifuntastic, this is far great

scotticus: I have a KRZR through AT&T… I can drag and drop mp3s onto the phone and set them as ringtones without hacking the phone at all.

And you dumb shits paid $600 for a phone that can’t even do that… lol.

dstz: “Why the FUCK do royalty system exist if they won’t even award the creators?”

If only the answer wasn’t so simple.

Ugoff: Yeah that makes sense to pay twice for a song just so you can listen to it and then be able to play it as a ringtone. Even then, the files are poisoned with DRM. Fuck that, I’ll just continue my pirating ways thanks to the RIAA.

RationalXubrnce: RIAA are an organized crime group that operates with the backing of the government. That is not even an exaggeration.

Courtney Love exposed how they operate in an excellent article.

TylerLavite: Fuck the RIAA. this is bullshit they want us to stop pirating because they say it hurts the artists! my ass!!! all they do is get the damn money! this is so much more of a reason for me to continue hacking my ring tones onto my iPhone!

londubh: What is to stop someone from ripping a song from a CD they own and make a ringtone out of it and put it on their phone? Is an RIAA rep going to stop you in the street and ask to see if you purchased that ringtone separately?

OddTSi: Apple fanboys are pathetic. I love how you guys try to defend Apple in this and say it’s not their fault. No, of course not. Apple HATES making money. They would never make you pay double simply to make money off of a popular service.

What some of you need to do is look at how you would react to this were it not Apple that we were talking about here and then react in the same way in this case. Otherwise you end up looking like the hypocrite fanboys that you are.

Jareth86: Why the hell does the RIAA care so damn much about ring tones?! Are little snippets of songs playing for a few seconds in noisy public places really losing them that much money?

drzeus: Apple gets all the legal attention. Meanwhile, I can cut any MP3 file I own down to 20 seconds or less and email it to my crappy cell phone to get a new ringtone. RIAA, please throw your big fat lawyer-encrusted gut at Motorola. I feel left out, and I want my phone manufacturer’s rights trampled too, damnit!


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