iPod Touch unpacking tour and first look (photos)

nandasunuLooks a lot thinner than the iPhone, lots of photos of an actual iPod touch 16gb[…] Thanks to nandasunu for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

juanc64: so i guess i’m a little confused, whats the point of integrating a music player and a phone, if your going to carry an iPhone and an iPod Touch? I like them both, but I just don’t see the point.

harryterry: Speaking of the iPod touch…I’m on mine right now 🙂 and basically it’s amazing. The is no way that I could wait for it to ship on the 28th…it is well worth the wait if you can’t get it now

dharasick: Oooo, it’s pretty.

Chicken2nite: If only they had some killer apps for it, like say, TextEdit.

asianswoosh: Looks Awesome, I want one!!!

myflyertrains: I looked at the Apple Store today at the iPhone after looking at the Touch and being told it was temporarily sold out. After playing with the Touch for a few minutes, and then going over to the iPhones, the iPhone felt big and clunky. It was like the difference between my 4g 20g iPod and my 5g 30g iPod. I don’t need a cell phone that costs me $60 a month. Don’t use enough minutes, but I wanted the other features. The Touch is sweet!

Shiner6: This was so much more exciting when it was the iPhone. This is just, blah.

piwy: It’s probably a loaner anyways. So no real incentive to blur the s/n.

drastik21: WOW, 16GB thats like 6 discographies!

jonathan95060: Anyone know when the iPhone will stop being an AT&T exclusive? I want one so I can reduce my gadget count (right now I carry a phone + iPod nano).

kenvsryu: Now only if it had a decent battery.

skyscape: iPod touch is a spam story on Digg.

PeppermintPig: So, can I sync my library via wifi? If anybody can find this out, I’d appreciate it. So far, all I can tell is that you have to plug it in to sync libraries, and any music store purchases you make with the ipod touch get added to your computer’s library. If that’s the case, I won’t buy this.

Satanael: I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Apple, but I’m having a hard time fathoming how much technology they packed into something so thin… Golf clap.

c0d3z3r0: I used one at the Apple Store, it feels nicer than the iPhone, web surfing on it is faster, I just wish they made a 32gb one.


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