Macs on the network: Time to panic?

zaibatsuAs the consumer market begins to meld with the corporate world even more, and employees expect to use their preferred gadget (and operating system) for work and home life, the Mac could make inroads at large corporations.[…] Thanks to zaibatsu for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

cliffzdude: “We expect that much of today’s IT infrastructure is going to be turned upside down by the invasion of consumer technologies,”
I swear, if I read one more story about what those guys in the Enterprise do/expect/think I think I’m going to puke.
I’m one of those IT guys in the corporate world, as are many of my friends. Listen, home/personal devices are being sand-boxed in the enterprise, not being welcomed with open arms. I have no idea what Joe User has on his personal PC, so if he wants to use it to connect to our network we have to figure out a safe way, and we have. Same with our public WiFI infrastructure, its on its own protected network and can’t touch our corporate stuff.
It doesn’t matter that it is/isn’t MAC, what matters is its your shit that’s probably messed up.
Then comes problem #2. If I let your shit on our network for company use, when it breaks you’re at my door holding your broken notebook asking me to fix it. Shit, back when we installed software and told users how to dial into our network I’d see them 3 months after, blaming us that our software broke their computer. Ok dude, it won’t boot because we had you install a 3MB terminal emulation package? Ya, right. I know it sounds absurd, but it is the real world. Just supports my point that so many authors who write this trash have not and will not ever work in an enterprise environment.

KevenM: Site’s already down. Time to panic

oneoverzero: This article reads like somebody trying to convince themselves that what they are saying is true.

BlueStarr: @Vault

I haven’t used OS X in over a half year and I remember that option in System Pref you’re talking about.
Vote to bury. Don’t give them your time/click.

NoOneButMe: Time to panic? Only if you’re an incompetent admin who’s afraid of using perl/python/ruby/bash/some other scripting language instead of batch script’s.

diggdean: Talk about classic FUD like “the invasion of consumer technologies” and “Consumerization is going to make IT’s job harder”. Oh, please spare me! IT folks are supposed to be experts. Can’t they handle a little more new technology? Especially the kind people actually use.

vault: Inaccurate. The OS X GUI for ipfw does have stealth mode as an option under ‘advanced’.


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